7 Trending Group Fitness Certifications That Can Boost Your Business in 2022

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If you are a fitness professional looking for ways to advance your education and certification (or even just begin it), it only makes sense to look in the areas that provide the most opportunities. Just like any specialized service industry, certain niches have a better market than others.

There are so many reasons that a personal trainer or fitness consultant of any kind would benefit from these types of courses. And the fact that they can be taken online really removes most obstacles and reluctance that some trainers have. There are classes for beginners and instructors as well as full-on fitness enthusiasts. 

With that in mind, we thought we would take a closer look at 7 specific group fitness certifications in areas that have a lot of growth potential. Although the examples used here are master and advanced classes, they all have basic/starter level training to learn more as well.

1. Master Personal Trainer Certification 

Nowadays, even personal trainers can offer group classes when they have multiple clients looking for similar-level or style training. You can offer circuit training, group cardio, HIIT training, and many others.

Master personal training takes things to the next level by adding other areas of study and practices. It requires a very advanced understanding of proper strength and cardiovascular training. 

Also needed is an advanced understanding of the methodology of nutrition and exercise form. Texts required for completion of this course include:

  • Fitness Professional’s Handbook
  • Strength Training Anatomy
  • Muscle Mechanics

2. Master Health and Wellness Coach Certification

The highest level of health and wellness instruction is available only to advanced instructors who have shown commitment to top-tier training and coaching. You must be able to design unique, individual plans for a number of different clients. It also requires a master-level understanding of holistic health techniques and practices, nutrition, and fitness. Study materials include:

  • Foundations of Professional Coaching
  • Foundations of Wellness
  • Nutrition for Sport, Exercise, and Health

3. Master Group Fitness and Bootcamp Instructor Certification

Group fitness differs in many ways from individual classes. Therefore, some of the training and study materials incorporate group dynamics into the curriculum. Master group fitness certifications, along with Bootcamp instructor certification require (among other things): 

  • A thorough understanding of basic and intermediate group fitness and Bootcamp exercise programs
  • An advanced understanding of outdoor and indoor workout materials and training techniques
  • Thorough knowledge of the methodology of advanced Bootcamp and group fitness exercise form, nutrition, and methodology

4. Advanced Water Aerobics Instructor Certification 

This type of group fitness certification involves moving beyond basic principles of water exercise and introduces advanced training. The studies include deep water routine design, deep water safety concerns, and deep water aerobics exercises. 

Accompanied reading includes “Water Fitness Lesson Plans and Choreography”, “Methods of Group Exercise Instruction”, among a few others.

5. Advanced Cycling Instructor Certification

Advanced cycling instruction offers a number of important subjects, including advanced-level indoor cycling methodology, exercises, and routine design. There’s also instruction on how to create custom routines for different clients, as well as education on group fitness dynamics and interactions.

6. Advanced Senior Fitness Instructor Certification

Senior fitness instruction is a great exercise niche to specialize in. It doesn’t require intense working out and it benefits a segment of the population who need regular activity more than almost any other group. Success in this program requires advanced knowledge of senior fitness regimens, senior fitness instruction methods, and other age-specific criteria.

7. Advanced Yoga Instructor Certification

Advanced yoga training takes instructors beyond the basics of simple stretches and poses and introduces them to expert-level training in multiple yoga asanas and vinyasa.

Group Fitness Certifications Provide Many Benefits to Health and Fitness Professionals

You also have advanced Pilates, Advanced Sports Nutrition, Self Defense Instruction, Dance Fitness and Hip Hop Aerobics, Sport Specific Coach, Tai Chi, Running Coach, Kettlebell Instructor, and many others. Not only can you help many more people by offering specialized classes, but you can also grow your business by serving a niche clientele. And there are so many more available that the few we mentioned in this article. This can lead to greater word of mouth for other fitness training you may offer, as well as increased revenue.

7 Trending Group Fitness Certifications That Can Boost Your Business in 2022

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