A Trip to Auschwitz – How to Prepare?


The German Nazi Concentration Camp in Auschwitz is a silent witness of the tragic war history, which is still terrifying almost one hundred years later. During World War II, 1.5 million innocent people of various nationalities were killed there. A visit to this place is an unforgettable lesson in history. Let’s see how you can prepare for a trip to Auschwitz.

Assign a day to visit Auschwitz

It’s good to save a whole day for a trip to Auschwitz. Visiting Auschwitz and Auschwitz II – Birkenau takes ca. 3-4 hours, but you should also consider the time needed to get to Oświęcim – it’s usually ca. 1 – 1.5 hours by car from Kraków, depending on the traffic. The whole trip can take anything between 6 and 8 hours, just to be sure you stay focused, you should not plan any other activities for that day or evening. You will probably not be in the mood for a disco or other forms of entertainment afterward, but you can enjoy a dinner in one of the restaurants in Kraków: in the Market Square or in Kazimierz. Alternatively, you can just go for a walk along Planty park or on the embankment of the Vistula river.

Prepare the right outfit

While visiting Auschwitz, you spend most of the time outdoors, so you need to remember to adjust your outfit to the weather. If it’s changeable, take an umbrella or a raincoat and a pair of comfortable shoes. The camp looks just like it did during World War II – there is no even surface or brick road, so when it rains, puddles are bound to appear.

This is a place where people died in the past – remember about this when choosing your apparel. There are no detailed guidelines on how to dress, but the regulations do mention a suitable outfit. This is to say that any outfit that is too garish or revealing might be considered unsuitable.

Join an organized trip

You can organize a trip to Auschwitz on your own, but it means coordinating your travel options with entry times and having to look for a group with a guide who speaks your language. It is possible to visit Auschwitz only with a guide – nobody is allowed to roam the concentration camp on their own.

An alternative is to join an organized trip. This means you won’t have to worry about looking for transport or booking the tickets. It’s enough if you choose the date of your trip and inform the organizer where you want to be picked up. This is a very convenient solution, which will help you save time. And this, in turn, means you will be free to plan other activities in Kraków and thereabouts.

A Trip to Auschwitz – How to Prepare?

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