Twitter Vs LinkedIn: Which is Better For You

Twitter Vs LinkedIn

It’s an accepted fact that social media is a great medium for promoting business. However, there is a sea of social media platforms with their own strengths and weaknesses. Every platform is different and thus must be used differently. Best apparent in the example of LinkedIn and Twitter which are alike in nature but nevertheless, require different approaches. If your goal is to influence the audience and create awareness about your business, Twitter may not be viable. You may find it tantalizing when you see multiple links being tweeted which is quite an effective marketing strategy. But when you analyze, you will find that not all your followers go through that link. You can enjoy high traffic and gain engagement on Twitter but that won’t translate into profit for your business. To understand better, read below the strengths and weaknesses of both LinkedIn and Twitter.


  • Strengths

1. Following

Twitter is simply perfect if you want to follow interesting profiles. Users revel in following those they don’t recognize personally, and that they regularly examine hashtags to be updated about topics that interest them. Paying a few interests to the form of content material that you put up may even make your tweets pass viral. Hashtags on Twitter are great for building community relationships. 

2. Brevity

Twitter is perfect for those who have short attention spans as it has only 140 characters. Thus, followers are better able to scan and learn about things instantly. 

3. Likability

If you are looking for alluring others and constructing their trust, then Twitter is simply proper for you. Twitter lets you reveal your actual character, what you are which establishes an intimate connection with your audience. You no longer just put out information about yourself or your area of expertise but also the way you have to interact with others. Try presenting free samples & giveaways that will then entice your fans to make purchases or to discover more about your brand. Remember that relationships are crucial, so be cautious about the way you act. 

4. Relationships

Twitter makes it very smooth to fast construct relationships that could blossom into actual-existence enterprise connections. This is plenty more difficult with LinkedIn, which calls for you both to already recognize the person, be withinside the equal institution, or get a person to introduce you. Although Twitter lacks the database of those you can contact that is available on LinkedIn.

  • Weaknesses:

1. Too plenty Information

Due to the immediacy of Twitter, it is really not possible to seize all of the content material which crowds your Twitter feed. Only a few people will be able to read through. Because of the extraordinarily transient nature of tweets, you may see them for a short moment, although they’re completely searchable. You will have to repost the tweets if you want people to read while on LinkedIn- you get to enjoy amazing features that will help you refer back to your posts. If you’re simply seeking out feedback, Twitter is extremely good, however, for longevity, go together with LinkedIn. 

2. Brevity

A hundred and forty-person character restriction can be either a blessing or a curse! Some may also love it, however, there are instances when it will be very tough to condense all of your crucial data/information in a tweet.

3. Statistics and Analytics

If reading the impact of social media in your enterprise is crucial, Twitter won’t lend itself nicely to that. While you may simply degree the impact of your personal tweets, measuring how Twitter impacts your enterprise can be extra tough. Much of Twitter’s visitors come from laptop and cell clients, so monitoring it could be very hard. 


  • Strengths:

1. Professionalism

You will now no longer locate any social media web page that comes near LinkedIn for representing white-collar professionals, professional opportunities, and corporation background. The reason behind LinkedIn interactions is professionalism. It’s an appropriate forum to expose your skills and abilities to all people that desire to recognize them. If you’re determined to use LinkedIn for business purposes, make certain that your brand is accessible by sharing options on your website. Your connections solely rely on professional experience and your ability to resolve any industry-related queries. LinkedIn is a great medium to keep together every important piece of information relevant to professional interaction in one place.

2. Formality

Twitter is a place where you aim to establish a friendly relationship with people you may know. You can indulge in any topic like sports, politics, etc. because Twitter is essentially meant for casual socialization. While on LinkedIn you may not find time for personal relationships. What you develop is an impersonal, formal relationship that will reflect on your personality and individual character which is important if you are looking for promoting your business or being employed. 

3. Space to Elaborate

LinkedIn provides you the liberty to enhance and expand your posts and messages and to make clear your meaning. Even so, shorter is regularly better. Many humans make the error of posting an extended essay in reaction to a question. Just due to the fact you’ve got the opportunity to explain yourself, you mustn’t do it unless absolutely necessary. You also have the opportunity to share niche expertise. Everywhere around you is information flowing out of which majority are inaccurate. However, the answers program option at LinkedIn for Business gives you the opportunity to reveal your genuine and true niche expertise without all the task of creating your own site. This enhances your credibility.

  • Weaknesses:

1. Lack of Authentic Connection

You use LinkedIn to know about other people and related information so that you can connect. Nowadays whilst people connect, they appear to hardly ever recognize them. This makes it difficult to engage in any kind of authentic connection that will prove to be beneficial for your business.

2. Limited sharing

LinkedIn isn’t popularly known for sharing content, however, one can do that. There are many pitfalls to sharing through LinkedIn; for example, you can’t scroll via any of the feedback made through others. 

3. Quality investment of time

In LinkedIn, not all the business professional profiles are active which hints that it could take time to shape significant connections and conversations. Thus, you have to spend too much time simply on introductions. This technique may be monotonous and isn’t constantly a terrific use of time. Buying a premium account may also assist manipulate the time funding, however, these kinds of costs will be not possible for small enterprises or people to indulge in.

Both the platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, prioritize on the basis of your need. If you are looking to develop a friendly relationship and talk about the social, political, and wide range of topics, then Twitter is the option but if you are looking for business and hiring purposes, LinkedIn should be it. 

Twitter Vs LinkedIn: Which is Better For You

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