12 Tips To Make Guests Feel At Home

make guests feel at home

One thing we all do, despite the hectic daily pace, is invite our close relatives or friends. While it is true that the company is what matters most, it is also true that, with a few small steps, we can make these moments even more enjoyable.

As the de-escalation progresses, we gradually return to normality after confinement. Or at least, to the new normal. We can leave the house at any time, we can go to the terraces, shopping, and we can also meet with friends and family at home. But these meetings are currently conditioned to a maximum of invited people depending on the phase in which your province is, and maintaining the distancing and security measures set by the health authorities.

The other day we already saw some tips on what the new protocol is like when organizing a dinner with guests during the deconfinement. And today, we are going to give a few tips to adapt our houses to visits. Because if you have already had one, you will know from experience that the moment of arrival is a bit chaotic. But with these measures that we are going to give you next, your guests will be much more comfortable because they will feel more secure. These are 12 tips to make guests feel at home.

For starters, ventilate and clean

Before your guests arrive, you should ventilate the house well, in addition to cleaning the most frequent contact surfaces. Do not forget to clean handles, switches, knobs, remote control. You can also get cleaning services from different service providers such as Express Hoods. This is a general rule of thumb, because a clean and tidy house is also more livable and pleasant, so if you are expecting people, spend time in the house.

Adapt the hall

The moment when your guests arrive at your house is one of the moments that can cause the most tension in some of them. Therefore, this space must be perfectly adapted so that they perceive from the first moment that they are entering a safe house. To start, you should leave a space for your friends or family to take off their shoes and leave their shoes. If you don’t have a toilet at the entrance, you can also prepare a gel dispenser at the entrance. Brock White can help you buying essential accessories. And there is also a bin with a lid and pedal so that your guests can throw away disposable gloves or masks, and some plastic bags so that they can leave their masks. There are people who are also placing disinfected trays so that guests can leave their belongings. Also, prepare a coat rack to hang jackets or bags.

Offer something to drink

When the guests arrive and take off their jackets, ask them if they want a drink. In this regard, fruit juices, drinks, wine, beer, and other beverages are suggested for a wider choice. Also, if you have recently moved, have your guests visit the whole house.

Be a good host

Surely, among your guests, there will be crazy people who think that the virus is not with them, but there will also be guests who leave their house with fear, or at least, with respect. You, as the host, will have to make everyone feel comfortable. While you indicate how they should act when they arrive (take off their shoes, wash, etc.), you will have to relax the situation by providing naturalness and giving topics for conversation. There are many people who when they invite their friends to dinner, send a nice WhatsApp pointing out the measures you have prepared at home ‘When you arrive, take off your shoes. You will have bags to leave the mask, etc.

Prepare the bath

The bathroom is another critical point during the visit since frequent hand washing is mandatory to guarantee prevention. In this sense, it is important to put liquid soap with a dispenser. If many people are going home, it is best to put paper hand towels to avoid contagion. If there are few guests and you have space, you can also put a towel for each family unit that visits you, if possible in different colors to avoid mistakes. You can put a sign on top indicating who it is for or communicate it directly.

Transform the living room

In addition to preparing the table following the instructions that we gave you a few days ago, you will also have to make some changes in the room to guarantee the safe distance between your guests. If necessary, move the furniture to clear the space, and around the living table, add chairs or poufs so that everyone is distanced. Also, cover the sofas with a cover or textile that you can remove and wash at a high temperature once your guests have left. For elder guests, there should be a lift. Take a look at the best ceiling track lift.

Provide Wi-Fi password

In an increasingly intelligent world, being constantly connected is a must. What better courtesy than sharing your Wi-Fi password?

Allocate a little space for guests

Whether the guests come just for dinner or to spend the night at home, give them a little space so they can store their belongings without problems.

Drinks and food should be within reach

If guests are hungry or thirsty, try to organize the room and kitchen so that food and drinks are close at hand. If you want to do something funny, you can stick a post-it on the bottles and food packaging with the words “Drink me” and “Eat me”, respectively.

Find out about possible food allergies

When inviting friends or relatives, ask if they have particular food intolerances or allergies. Not only will this help organize shopping, but it will also keep unpleasant inconveniences away.

Don’t go overboard with the order

You need to have a house in order but without exaggeration. An overly precise and perfect home is likely to make guests uncomfortable.

The end of the party.

Once the meeting is over, open the windows, ventilate the house, and disinfect the surfaces used during the evening. Do not forget to also scrub the floor, and in particular, the area where your guests have left their shoes.

We hope that these measures are useful to you and help your guests feel that your home is a comfortable space, and also safe.

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12 Tips To Make Guests Feel At Home

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