5 Uses for High Visibility Clothing

High Visibility Clothing

When you think about dangerous jobs, do you imagine soldiers and police officers?

While working in the armed forces or law enforcement is undoubtedly dangerous, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics didn’t include these occupations in their top 10 list of hazardous jobs of 2021. That’s because compared to grounds maintenance workers, farmers, truck drivers, etc., being a police officer or soldier has a lower fatal work injury rate.

Now, if you have a high-risk job, you already know the importance of high-visibility clothing. However, if it’s your first time wearing one, you may be curious about the need for it. That said, let’s talk about the situations where wearing high-visibility apparel comes in handy.

1. High-Visibility Clothing: A Must for High-Risk Jobs

We’ve discussed this a bit earlier, but do you know which occupations require high-visibility safety apparel at all times?

For those in construction, such as builders, site engineers, and site workers, wearing high-visibility gear is crucial for their own and others’ safety. After all, construction sites are full of potential hazards. Think steep heights, heavy equipment, and so on.

Other workers who need to wear high-visibility clothing include railroad workers, warehouse employees, and parking lot attendants. Those working in the shipyards and gas and electric utility industry should also wear high-vis safety apparel while on duty.

2. Public Services

For the same reason mentioned above, firefighters, emergency healthcare workers, and even police officers wear high-visibility apparel.

Besides safety reasons, those who perform their civic duties, such as council workers who fix potholes or waste management employees, need to wear high-visibility gear. That’s because being visible while doing something for the public is an excellent way to make people aware that their taxes are being used properly.

3. Cyclists and Motorcyclists

Workers aren’t the only ones who need high-vis clothing. If you’re a biker or a cyclist, you can keep yourself safe on the road by wearing a custom safety vest.

Of course, that’s in addition to safety gear like helmets, gloves, protective glasses, and bike kits.

4. Runners and Joggers

There will be times when you have no choice but to run or jog in low-light conditions. While wearing a bright belt may be enough, consider wearing a reflective vest.

It’s better to find one that fits over all types of clothing, even winter jackets. If it’s a vest that also allows a full range of motion, then it’s worth getting one or two or more if you run every day.

5. Kids

Sure, kids don’t work in construction sites or railroads, but they can wear high-vis apparel if they want to.

Whether it’s for Halloween or career day or simply just to dress up, high-visibility clothing for children can be pretty valuable. As a parent, you might want to get your children some high-vis jackets or overalls if they like running around and playing.

For example, if you lose them in a crowd or if they play somewhere near the road, these high-visibility apparel could be lifesaving.

Safety First

Now that you know some uses of high-visibility clothing, are you thinking of getting some items for yourself or your kids?

Be sure to do your research to help you buy the best ones for your needs. For more safety tips and advice, feel free to check out our other articles.

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5 Uses for High Visibility Clothing

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