Invention Of Lipsticks & 12 Weird Facts About Lipsticks That You May Not Know About!


Women and men have been wearing lipsticks for thousands of years now. Though the trends kept changing, lipstick always remained as a makeup staple in every woman’s bag especially. The history of lipstick is no different and if you are a lipstick addict, you should be knowing about it. Evolving over the years, lipsticks have been an integral part of all women’s lives making us feel sexy, stylish, and glamorous. A good lipstick can always make you feel worthy and we are glad that it’s such an important part of our lives. Whether you are a makeup junkie or rookie, lipsticks come in different shades, textures, pigments, and you are spoilt for choice! The trend of lipsticks never going out of fashion gives every woman immense hope and inspiration to style up their game. While you might be using lipsticks every day, what about their history and invention? Here are a few interesting facts about the invention of lipsticks and 12 weird facts about lipsticks you may not know about!

Invention Of Lipstick: 

  • Since the dawn of prehistoric times, hunters painted their faces to blend in with their surroundings, acolytes, priests decorated themselves to honor their beliefs and gods, whereas young people used every possible way to make them more beautiful and presentable to the opposite sex.
  • In the earlier prehistoric period, lipsticks were made from available natural sources- fruit and plant juices.
  • Mesopotamian women ground out precious gems and used their dust to decorate their lips with riches and glimmer.
  • Women from the Indus Valley Civilization wore lipstick regularly but it was in Egypt where manufacturers of lipstick got many advancements. There, royal members and high-class used various types of lipsticks, some of them with recipes that had serious poisonous ingredients that could cause some major illness.
  • After Egypt was able to spread its advancements across entire Europe, lipsticks managed to find their home primarily with actors of Roman Empires and Greek. And as Christianity took place in Europe, lipstick was totally forgotten but it returned in the 16th century, during the dramatic fashion changes implemented by Queen Elizabeth.
  • Her fashion style was quite popular for some time but in no time it was used only by prostitutes and low-class women. Now, the same old trend did not change for a lot of centuries, until the 19th century managed very hard to bring back old commercial lipstick varieties into the market.
  • With low prices, photography came into the picture, and popularization by many film actresses, lipsticks finally became commonly used in the second decade of the 20th century. And since then for thousands of years, lipsticks have been with us and they will always remain as long as fashion exists.

Weird Facts About Lipsticks That You Might Want To know

  • When lipsticks came into being, they weren’t smudge-proof. Hazel Bishop who was a chemist, came up with a great idea of kiss-proof formula after World War ll, while he was already working in a dermatologist’s laboratory.
  • Do you know why women wore black lipstick in older black and white films? Well, because back in the technology-deprived days, film stock was sensitive to color and red would pick up a black on screen.
  • Women who apply lipstick on a daily basis eat approximately 2 kg of lipstick in their whole lifetime.
  • A law was passed in England that if any woman wore lipstick during her wedding day, her husband could have the right to cancel the marriage.
  • Early feminists such as Elizabeth, Charlotte Perkins, all painted their lips and used lipsticks as a symbol of emancipation while marching in the 1912 NYC Suffragette rally.
  • Over 55% of all women around the world wear lipstick. If we take out a normal average number, women spend about ₹1,22,445.31 on their lipsticks during their lifetime.
  • Lipsticks were also looked down on as scandalous by most women and worn mostly by sex workers in Ancient Greece.
  • The first-ever commercial lipstick was introduced by Guerlain in the form of a lip pomade in 1828.
  • All thanks to Hazel Bishop who invented the first long-lipstick after World War ll.
  • During the 1700s, a few women in America would suck on lemons all day to make their lips red.
  • Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick are one of the most expensive and extravagant lipsticks in the world costing ₹4,26,6995.

Remember These Facts The Next Time You Use A Lipstick!

Using staple makeup products never really makes us realize its importance and its history but hope we took you through the whole invention and fact stories perfectly! So, while the above article would have left you in surprise and deep thinking, I hope you enjoyed our article and gained some knowledge about your favorite makeup product.

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Invention Of Lipsticks & 12 Weird Facts About Lipsticks That You May Not Know About!

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