What Are the Best Addiction Recovery Methods?

addiction recovery

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 70,000 individuals died from drug-or-alcohol-related overdoses in 2019.

While this number is harrowing, it doesn’t have to continue rising. Those struggling with an addiction can find great resources around them to work towards a full recovery. With some hard work and excellent support, one can expect to continue their life healthily.

Continue reading to learn more about different methods of addiction recovery.

What Addiction Means

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a continuing compulsive use of a harmful substance.

Once an individual begins using drugs or alcohol, it can be difficult to stop. This is due to the effects of long-term drug or alcohol exposure on the brain and the body.

A drug or alcohol addiction affects one’s behavior and memory, as well as other bodily functions. It may seem daunting and too difficult, but an addiction can be treated with time and effort.

We’ll cover some effective and safe resources for addiction recovery next.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation

There are several forms of rehab that offer relapse prevention and practice methods of a safe recovery.

Inpatient rehab centers are safe facilities that provide constant medical care and support for those on the road to recovery. These centers can be incredibly helpful for those who find it difficult to try to quit drugs or alcohol by themselves.

Outpatient rehab facilities are scheduled treatment plans that one can work through on their own schedule. These are more interactive and will offer different forms of addiction counseling.

Medications for Addiction Treatment

During the process of addiction recovery, it can be helpful to have medications prescribed. This will assist with withdrawal symptoms and other issues.

Taking specific medications along with completing a rehabilitation or counseling program can result in a steady recovery for anyone struggling with an unwanted addiction. Having a professional prescribe medication for one may be a great tool on the journey of recovery.

Counseling and Therapy

There are several methods of counseling and therapy available, depending on the person and their addiction.

For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is a program focused on changing harmful thoughts or feelings related to a drug or alcohol addiction. Holistic therapy also stems from this ideal, using soothing activities to refocus one’s mind.

On the other hand, other therapies such as experiential therapy and biofeedback therapy involve physical or technological methods to assist recovery.

Long-Term Follow-Ups

Once someone has started the process of addiction recovery, putting some long-term follow-up plans in place will help sustain sobriety and keep positive reminders in their life.

These might include prolonged treatment plans, support groups, family or friends, mentors, and hobbies or activities that boost energy and positivity. A comprehensive recovery plan includes thinking of the future and planning for any possible times of trouble.

Completing Addiction Recovery Step-by-Step

Once one gets the ball rolling on their addiction recovery, having professionals and friends to support them along the way helps a continued process of stability. All it takes is the first step towards recovery.

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What Are the Best Addiction Recovery Methods?

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