What Does Elizabeth Holmes Do Now?

What is Elizabeth Holmes doing now? Holmes’ meteoric rise to Silicon Valley star was no less remarkable. Holmes claimed her technology could revolutionize the world, and she was named CEO of Theranos. The machines she created were not perfect and prone to errors. But, as with many female entrepreneurs, she has overcome these setbacks.

As of March 2022, Holmes is free on bail. She faces a maximum sentence of 20 years for eight counts of wire fraud. She is also required to pay $250,000 in restitution to victims. Experts predict that she will be sentenced to a shorter term and serve a portion. She will be released from jail until September’s sentencing hearing.

Holmes was just 19 when she founded Theranos. The name derives from the Greek word for diagnosis and therapy. Her goal was to develop a device that would be able to draw blood from a finger and test the quality of it for many types of healthcare needs. Her company was founded in a basement of Holmes’ college house. It was a huge success and is now worth billions.

What is Elizabeth Holmes doing now? Holmes has been busy making the world’s news after the fallout from her scandalous business. Hulu’s new series, “The Dropout,” explores Holmes’ rise and fall as the former CEO of biotech startup Theranos. The series was directed by Michael Showalter and begins before the scandal began. If you missed “The Dropout,” check it out for more details.

The actress’ voice is controversial. Her family has told TMZ that she does not fake her voice. Some speculate that her voice is deeper when she’s in Silicon Valley. In truth, Holmes may have spent hours practicing her vocal style. However, Amanda Seyfried nail Holmes’ trademark pitch. Her voice is a distinguishable characteristic of Holmes.

The case against Elizabeth Holmes is a blow for the tech industry. Holmes was found guilty on several counts of fraud and conspiracy. These are felonies because she failed to disclose relevant information. She faces the possibility of serving a minimum-security prison term. She could end up in a Dublin, California women’s prison camp where celebrities Felicity Huffman or Lori Loughlin were held for their involvement in this scandal.

Holmes was convicted and sentenced to prison on four of seven fraud charges. Four were felony charges against her, while the other four charges were dismissed. After nearly four months in jail, a jury found Holmes guilty of three counts of fraud against investors and one charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The verdict on the remaining four counts will be appealed by Holmes. Holmes is likely to be sentenced in 2022.

What Does Elizabeth Holmes Do Now?
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