What Is a Blue Dog Worth in Adopt Me!

what is a blue dog worth in adopt me 40735

You might be looking for a pet to add to your family. This article will answer your question. A blue dog is more valuable than a pink, even though it might seem rare. If you are looking for a unique pet, a blue dog is a good choice. Blue dogs are favored and are worth a little more than pink cats, but both breeds are rare and deserving of legendries.

In Adopt Me, a Blue Dog is worth one legendary pet and 250 Robux. It was initially worth 250 Robux, but this was before the game was made available. A blue dog’s value is therefore between low-tier to mid-tier. Blue Dogs are rare and players will trade for two rare pets to get one. This is great news for you, and it might even increase your revenue!

What Is a Blue Dog Worth in Adopt Me!
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