What Is Biohacking? Does It Really Work? 5 Proven Tips For Success

What Is Biohacking

If you are interested in your health, chances are you’ve come across the term biohacking.

If you don’t know too much about biohacking, you probably conjure up images of wealthy silicon valley executives at expensive wellness retreats trying out cutting-edge technology and nutrition.

But there is a more simple side to biohacking. What is biohacking for the average person? This guide will explain all.

What Is Biohacking?

Biohacking is about optimizing your brain and body to help you perform at your best.

It takes the principle that most of us run at a level of average performance through our lives, and with the use of technology and nutrition, we can stretch ourselves further to our mental and physical limits.

You can find out more information here in the ultimate guide to biohacking. But here are a few specific terms in biohacking you might have heard about:

What Is Biohacking Diet?

There is no single diet for biohacking. Intermittent and extended fasts are two of the most common methods used for biohackers to optimize their health.

Fasting promotes autophagy, which is where the body begins to remove old dead cells and build new ones, and biohackers believe this has long-term health benefits such as protection against diseases.

What Is Bulletproof Biohacking?

Bulletproof is a brand founded by Biohacker Dave Asprey. The most notable aspect of the bulletproof lifestyle is his signature Bulletproof coffee, which is a combination of MCT oil and grass-fed butter blended with coffee.

Bulletproof coffee was designed as a health drink to provide body and brain energy and good quality fats that the body loves.

What Is a Biohack Grinder?

Grinders are a more extreme form of biohacking. They stretch biohacking to body modifications, using chemicals and technology to change the body outside of normal biological processes.

Five Tips for Success When Biohacking

If biohacking interests you, there are a few ways to make biohacking more accessible to a beginner. Here are five top tips:

1. Start Simple With Sleep

Biohacking doesn’t mean taking things to the extreme with the body.

You can get the benefits of biohacking with something as simple as improving the quality of your sleep. There are apps and wearable devices (e.g., the Oura ring) that will help you track and optimize your sleep routine.

2. Try an Intermittent Fast

Biohacking your diet doesn’t have to mean a massive overhaul and replacing standard supermarket products with expensive organic brands.

You can get some minor health improvements by starting with something simple like a 16 hour fast.

3. Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Biohacking is a growth area, and new hacks are appearing every day. It can be overwhelming for a beginner. Start with the basics, and don’t feel pressured to try every hack you discover.

4. Expect Changes to Take Time

The term hack implies a dramatic change, but in reality, changing our bodies and minds is something that can’t happen overnight.

Stay patient with biohacking. Gradual improvements to your habits over time are hugely beneficial.

5. Find a Biohacking Community

There are different communities within biohacking. Find an area of biohacking you are interested in and discover a community online to connect with like-minded souls.

Biohacking Can Be Simple

Some people assume biohacking is a radical approach to the mind and body. But it doesn’t have to be. You can get so many great benefits with biohacking simply by making a few small changes in your life.

What is biohacking to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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What Is Biohacking? Does It Really Work? 5 Proven Tips For Success

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