What to Do if You Lose Your High School Diploma

High School Diploma

There are approximately 3.5 million people who graduate from high school every year. Once these millions of people walk across the stage at graduation, many tend to tuck their high school diploma deep into storage, never to be seen again.

However, you would be surprised to find that you actually need to hang onto that diploma for a variety of reasons, from getting a job to applying to college.

But what if you lost it forever?

Here is your quick guide on what to do if you lose your high school diploma and need to replace it.

How to Replace a Lost High School Diploma or Damaged Diploma

The first step you need to take for a high school diploma replacement is to contact your old high school. This can be as simple as simply calling your high school’s main office and they can then mail you a copy. Or, it may be more difficult than that.

You may need to contact the state’s Department of Education to request a new diploma if your high school is no longer active.

You will most likely need to offer proof of your identity. This can be a driver’s license, passport, or other state-issued identification. Scan this in

Do You Need a Physical or Online Copy of Your Diploma?

It is always a good idea to have a physical copy of your high school diploma. When requesting a new one, either select the option to have a diploma mailed to you or pick it up in person if you still live close to your former high school.

However, an online copy is tremendously convenient. Once you make contact with your school, provide the relevant forms of identification and payment, they can electronically send you one.

Be warned though that only a few states allow a replacement diploma to be sent electronically.

The Easiest Way to Replace Your High School Diploma

All the ways of replacing your high school diploma mentioned above can be costly, frustrating, and take up a lot of your time. There is a much easier option.

You can buy an actual high school diploma and mail it straight to your door when you need it. The company will input your name, the name of your high school, and the year and date you graduated.

There is no need to contact your old high school at all. It is as simple as buying something online off Amazon. All you do is fill in your information, click “Buy Now,” and you are good to go.

Need More Information on Replacing a Lost Diploma?

Losing a high school diploma can be very stressful, as it is an important document needed for proof of education for jobs or for when applying for advanced degrees. Getting a high school diploma replacement is easier by simply buying a replica diploma from an online store.

Are you looking for more information on all things education? Follow along for more articles on everything from replacing an online high school diploma to how to advance your education.

What to Do if You Lose Your High School Diploma

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