6 Undeniable Benefits of Managed IT Services

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Outsourcing managed IT services is an investment. As with any other investment, it is important to consider both the short- and long-term returns it offers.

With managed IT services, there are several benefits that can provide your business with significant cost savings. Keep reading to learn more about the specific benefits of managed IT services.

1. Make IT Costs Predictable

Usually, managed services are paid for on a subscription basis. This means it is an operating cost rather than a capital expense.

While this is true, it is still good to speak to the service provider, like https://www.ics-com.net/managed-it-services-in-austin/ to know exactly how they bill for services. If they do provide this subscription-based fee schedule, it is beneficial because it makes your IT costs predictable.

Keep in mind, the cost of your managed IT services subscription depends on the services you need. It may also be impacted by how many people use the services.

Your costs may go up as the number of people or services used goes up.

2. Ensure Security and Compliance

Have you updated your firewall? Are your servers and workstations regularly audited? Have you implemented the required PCI security standards and taken steps to maintain them?

Also, your business can prosper significantly when you take several forms of payment. However, each additional payment type you accept requires a certain level of due diligence.

When you outsource IT services to a third-party managed service provider, they can handle all security and compliance issues. This means you can feel confident your business’s risk is minimized while ensuring things run smoothly.

3. Increased User Productivity

As a business owner, you rely on technology to improve overall productivity while enhancing your business. If technology is not doing this, then there’s an issue.

If your team can’t work, you are losing money.

Unplanned downtime costs businesses over $58K for every 100 users. The average worker loses over 12 hours per year because of server downtime and around six hours a year because of network downtime.

When you implement a managed IT service provider, you will see reductions in both network and server downtime by over 85%.

4. Avoid Some Operational Costs

If you are in charge of an in-house team, it means you have several operational costs. This includes things like office upkeep, insurance, benefits, monthly salaries, and more.

Also, it requires money and time to provide training for your staff to ensure they understand the processes and systems being used.

When you outsource these IT needs to a professional service provider, you reduce and sometimes eliminate larger capital expenditures. These are costs that typically go along with managing your IT systems in-house but offer no value to your actual business.

Besides helping you reduce capital expenditures; the right managed IT services also help reduce IT-related costs. For example, with a managed service provider, you can also save on things like:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Licensing

Another benefit is lower labor rates and time savings after signing the service level agreement.

5. Improve IT Security

Ensuring your business’s network and technology are secure is a must. This is true no matter the size of your business or what industry you operate in.

You likely know that most networks are exposed to new digital threats daily. Unless you have systems in place to deal with these, the threats can cause serious and long-term damage.

One option to reduce this possibility is by using managed IT service providers that will remotely manage all network security risks.

Managed IT service providers can help to secure organizations by helping with the following:

  • Prevent malware in your network
  • Prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information
  • Avoid the misuse of critical systems
  • Eliminate security loopholes for reducing risks
  • Resolving and identifying any misconfiguration problems

These services are provided through several solutions. Some of the most common include Intrusion Prevention Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, antivirus program updates, and ongoing alarm monitoring.

You will find that managed service providers offer these security solutions at affordable prices. With these services in place, you can achieve complete protection for your network, including help with web-based attacks and unpatched vulnerabilities.

Put simply, the solutions offered by a managed IT service provider will help eliminate all security gaps present.

6. Level the Playing Field

Most small business owners are unable to afford to match the in-house support that larger businesses have. This is where outsourcing can be invaluable.

With outsourced services, you can act “big” by providing access to similar technology and the expertise that larger businesses have.

The third-party managed service provider will provide your company with a significant advantage. This can help you stand out from the competition and seem more appealing to potential clients and customers.

Now You Know the Benefits of Managed IT Services

When it comes to your business, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of proper IT services. As you can see from the information here, you can enjoy several benefits of managed IT services.

While these benefits are appealing, keep in mind it is necessary to find the right service provider to see them. Putting time and research into this decision is essential.

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6 Undeniable Benefits of Managed IT Services

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