What to do When You Move into a New Home During a COVID-19

move into a new home

Did you move house in times of COVID-19? Learn how to make an effective move by applying these tips to unpack in your new home.

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Moving to a new home can be a very exciting situation, however, it can turn into your worst nightmare if done the wrong way.

So, put these 7 moving house tips into practice and implement them when unpacking your move efficiently.

How to make an effective change in the COVID-19?

  • Do a deep cleaning
  • Analyze and distribute the spaces
  • Inspect and separate boxes by areas
  • Put the furniture in its place
  • Check the HVAC system
  • Change the locks
  • Organize the main areas of the house

Do a deep cleaning

The first thing you should do is thoroughly clean your new house, take advantage of the fact that it will be completely empty to sweep the areas of the house, wash the windows and doors, and mop the floors.

If you do not have time to clean the property because you have to move with the move, then you can hire professional cleaning services.

If possible, be sure to fumigate both indoors and outdoors before moving home to eliminate any pests that may harm your family’s health.

Analyze and distribute the spaces

Before starting to unpack, take a careful look at all the spaces in the house and decide where everything will go. Usually, when people move house they already have more or less an idea of ​​how they will decorate their home.

Imagine the pictures and lamps hanging on the walls or the accessories in the kitchen and living room. This will be of great help to streamline the process and avoid days go by without finishing settling.

Inspect and separate boxes by areas

To carry out a well-organized move, it is essential to check that all the boxes, furniture, and appliances have arrived at the new home, and make sure that they are not damaged or broken.

After doing the above, you must separate the boxes according to the areas of the house (kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living room). If the boxes have been marked with their respective names, the unpacking process will be easier and faster.

Put the furniture in its place

Don’t waste time unpacking small things, first start with the heaviest of furniture and appliances.

We advise you to take advantage of freight and moving people to help you put the refrigerator in the kitchen, the beds in the bedrooms, and the furniture in the living room.

When the heaviest furniture is finished, begin installing the appliances in the kitchen and laundry center. Also, you must assemble the electrical appliances in their respective rooms.

Check the HVAC system

You should also check the HVAC system before moving into a new house.

A good maintenance plan includes a complete inspection of the HVAC system. In this way, we can guarantee that it is in optimal condition when needed.

HVAC maintenance will help you keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Regular maintenance gives technicians the opportunity to detect potential problems. The fact that the air conditioning systems are subjected to regular maintenance will bring many benefits. Jack Harrison Air can help you with reliable heating and air conditioning repair.

Change the locks

When arriving at a new home it is essential to change the locks on all doors for security. It does not matter if you do it before or during the move, the important thing is that you do not leave it for later.

Although it seems an extreme measure, you do not know who or who lived in the property before, and you better keep your family safe in their new home. If the house is new, you can add an extra lock to the one that already has the door.

Organize the main areas of the house

Start unpacking the most essential, that is, what you will need every day. Remember that it is almost impossible to finish the moving process in just one day.

Therefore, the first thing that you should unpack is the boxes that contain the things of the rooms such as sheets, covers, clothes, uniforms, and accessories. Also, it is important to put curtains on the windows to have more privacy.

If you have children, unpack their favorite toys, and if you share a home with a pet, place their bed and accessories in a certain area.

Then continue with the kitchen, put cutlery and utensils in the drawers. Did you pack food? Store it in the pantry and refrigerator. Don’t forget to buy toilet paper, towels, soap, and shampoo in the bathroom. If you are thinking about upgrading your simple bathroom to a smart bathroom then Ovedecors.com can help you a lot in this matter.

Ready the above, to unpack the rest. Arrange each area of ​​the house as you like best and keep order. Do not open boxes just to open, as you could get confused and end up placing accessories where they do not go.

Remember that the entire moving process requires time and patience. For this reason, do not stop implementing these tips to move house effectively. Make your new home look amazing!

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What to do When You Move into a New Home During a COVID-19

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