7 Important Moving Tips for a Single Parent

Moving Tips

Moving is physically & emotionally stressful. Adding to it, you are a single parent to a young and growing kid. But, don’t you worry, here in this article, we will be enlisting seven essential tips to get it done smoothly. So, scroll down and have a look:

1. Plan Well in Advance

If you are a single parent taking care of your kid and managing the moving all by yourself, knowing when to start packing and moving is essential.

Being a sole parent, you have to give yourself an extra bit of time. At least two to three weeks before you move should be ample to tick all the boxes associated with moving.

Plan out things beforehand and make sure you keep the plan written down over a piece of paper with you at all times. Working with experienced moving companies is the easiest way to plan and execute your move successfully.

Everything that you have to do has to be ticked on that paper. When your kid is at school, do all the tasks which are often the most challenging, and those not feasible when your kid is around, such as cleaning up a dirty garage.

2. Have a Positive Attitude

The elemental aspect of moving as a single parent is to maintain a positive attitude. It is not only for yourself but also for your child. Whether you are moving because of divorce, financial trouble, or any other situation, it would be difficult for your kid too.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you stay positive before moving. Make sure you don’t let your kid get a feeling that you are worried about the move.

If you stay positive, your kid will also be confident about the move and may also lend a helping hand to pack.

3. Get Your Kid Involved

Unless you have a baby kid, get your child involved in the moving process. Not only it will also help to alleviate some of the burdens off your shoulder, but also your kid will be confident and behave like an adult, as they know you are trusting them with essential things.

You can let them help you with cleaning the cabinets, separating unattended stuff, and labeling the boxes.

Don’t make the moving process dull to them, indulge them in activities, such as donating things you don’t need to the charity. Allow them to be creative, like decorating the moving boxes or planning the decor of their new room.

4. Ask Help From Friends

Moving involves elbow grease, therefore you need a professional moving company to load and unload your belongings at your new address.  Visit https://www.cbdmovers.com.au/removals/removalists-sydney/ and request a quote to hire extra help.

Besides this, you need to help your friends with packing and managing things like calling your utility services providers and information about the address change.

Don’t forget to throw a “Help” as a good gesture to those who came as helping hands

5. Prepare Your Kid

Communication is the key. If you are moving because of separation, then you’ve to sit down with your kid, and have an open talk. Ask your kid to honestly say how they feel, and tell them how you are feeling. Open dialogues between you two can tame all the anxiety and stress.

Young kids who have established deep relationships in the neighborhood are often most resilient to the move. On the other hand, for an older child, leaving their school could be emotionally overwhelming.

6. Donate Unwanted Stuff

Donate Unwanted Stuff

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Donating the things you won’t need is a rewarding way to teach your kid the importance of sharing in life. Have your kid gather all the toys with which they don’t play anymore and encourage them to donate to local charities.

Let your kid know when they donate their toys to less fortunate children how the Lord will bless them.

7. Keep Moving Expenses Low

If you are a single parent, you must make every effort to keep the moving expenses as low as possible:

  • Secure free moving boxes.
  • Sell off some stuff online to packet cash.
  • Move during the offseason to get the best deals and discounts on hiring a moving company.

In the end, remember, not everything has to be done all at once. Take regular breaks, eat healthy food, and devote time for your mental relaxation for a comfortable moving experience.

7 Important Moving Tips for a Single Parent

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