George Ehrhardt

George Ehrhardt

George Ehrhardt was an associate professor of government at Appalachian State University with expertise in Asian politics and research methodology.

He was an active supporter of conservatism. He had many friends and was well-connected in his community. Above all else, he loved his family and especially loved spending time with his grandkids.

Early Life and Education

George Ehrhardt was born in St. Louis, Missouri on November 6, 1879 to Henry W. and Emma (Hambrock) Ehrhardt; the former being one of the premier gardeners and florists in this region.

He received his education at free schools until he completed all common school branches. Rank & Wright’s business college in Evansville offered him the opportunity to study bookkeeping, and upon graduating he took control of the business venture and has been a successful entrepreneur ever since.

George strived to achieve his goals throughout life. Though he may have encountered setbacks along the way, he never gave up. Above all else, George made time for family and friends – whether that meant cooking dinner, going out to see movies or bowling; George truly knew how to bring smiles to people’s faces.

Professional Career

Ehrhardt is a professor of political science at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. His research focuses on Japanese politics, particularly the Buddhist social movement that evolved into an active political party.

He is a dedicated father and coach to his two daughters, Karen and Alyssa. He has an infectious laugh that keeps the kids enthralled while still keeping them focused on what needs to be done.

He was also the founding partner of Seed House, an Iowa company that produced corn hybrids. His dad Lou had a passion for the seed game and hired George to learn the trade. The business eventually became Albert Lea Seed and continues to operate today with a legacy of high quality products and service. Although its name may sound more mysterious than its founder’s name, Albert Lea Seed remains in operation today.

Achievements and Honors

George Ehrhardt is an accomplished athlete who was a part of the Spartans track and field team for several years. As a result of his accomplishments on both fields as well as in the classroom, he received numerous awards and honors.

He went on to become the Big Ten Champion in pole vault and earned himself an All-American designation during both indoor and outdoor competitions. Additionally, he received the Alderton Male Athlete of the Year award.

He was also recognized as the Gwendolyn Norrell Community Service and Leadership Award winner. As two-year president of the student-athlete advisory committee, he helped elevate the program to new heights by creating an environment for athletes to excel both socially and academically. His leadership provided athletes with a platform to reach new heights both academically and personally.

Personal Life

George Ehrhardt had a big heart and an infectious enthusiasm. He delighted in making people smile and laugh, even if he could be quite serious at times.

He had a deep appreciation of literature, particularly Ezra Pound and TS Eliot. He read constantly. Additionally, he enjoyed watching birds, planting trees and listening to musicals.

He lived in Boone, North Carolina and taught political science at Appalachian State University. Additionally, he coached a girls high school basketball team.

Net Worth

George Ehrhardt is a retired assistant vice president of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company and had an extensive career in banking. Through this tenure, he amassed considerable wealth through his involvement in the industry.

He earned money from speaking engagements, media appearances and book deals. A 2017 report estimated his net worth between $11.5-$48 million.

He began his career at The Hanover Bank in 1928 as an auditing accountant before being promoted to assistant vice president and later named to the leadership team of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company.

George Ehrhardt

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