White Label Loyalty Application for Hairdresser and Beauty Salons

White Label Loyalty Application for Hairdresser and Beauty Salons

Many business owners, including those in the beauty industry, are thinking about the need to implement a mobile salon loyalty program for regular customers. After all, according to statistics, 20% of customers bring 80% of the profits. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the business owner needs to invest in this 20%. This is the so-called base of regular clients who bring a stable income. Discount and bonus cards are one of the most popular loyalty programs (LPs). This is due to the fact that the accumulation of the percentage and cashback of the discount depends directly on the client’s expenses: the more she pays for procedures in the salon, the more benefit she will receive from each handling. Such cards motivate customers to spend more and visit a certain salon in order to save more in the future.

In fact, LPs are very strongly tied to a particular store or salon. People reflexively give preference to those stores or shops, which bonus cards they have. It is enough to have a CRM system and a little imagination to implement such a system in the salon. Beauty salon managers also require the introduction of new technologies for effective management and control of processes, moreover, many of them can be automated now. CRM systems and app LPs for beauty salons have their own specifics, as they take into account many nuances of the beauty industry and are adapted to its needs. A specialized system will help maintain a client base and statistics on the work of masters. Many CRMs for beauty salons have page builders and forms for the self-registration of clients. A good organization of the workflow is an important component of a successful business.

Why do businesses need a digitized LP?

  • Used tools will help remove the human factor from the recording process and significantly relieve the administrator and master.
  • Ability to make a reliable history of customer visits.
  • Setting up notifications for masters.
  • Newsletter to the client base with current offers and reminders of the appointment.
  • Keeping statistics on industries and finances.

The decent mobile solution for beauty salons includes all the necessary tools for popularity increasing. You should be able to enter all the necessary parameters: the names of services, profiles of specialists, and the time of each session. There’s a need for a calendar for entries, where you can plan the schedule of each master, taking into account their workload.

Benefits for the business

  • Automatic notifications for recording masters. Each master needs to know his schedule in advance and plan his working day. Timely digital notifications about changes in the schedule will help to avoid overloading the master.
  • Statistical reports. The CRM system should provide the ability to generate reports on the workload of masters and income to understand the dynamics of growth.
  • Complete client base. The modern digital system keeps a history of customer records and their data.
  • Accounting for a warehouse with materials. This feature will help you plan the purchase of cosmetics and prevent shortages in the salon’s warehouse. It is also very convenient for salons that additionally sell home care products.
  • Possibility of integration. It’s one of the most important nuances for conducting marketing campaigns and attracting new customers.

M-Loyalty Company offers an innovative white label software (https://walletfactory.com/en-us/white-label-loyalty-app/) that doesn’t require long-term and hard development, as the base is already created and only needs some adjustments. Everything will be made according to the specific salon’s needs and will definitely please the brand and its clients. Find more useful and interesting data online at M-Loyalty website and contact the managers for further guidance on cooperation.

White Label Loyalty Application for Hairdresser and Beauty Salons

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