Who is Trevon Diggs Dating Now?

Trevon Diggs has been having a rough couple of days. In an Instagram post, his ex-girlfriend attacked the wide receiver after he was eliminated from the playoffs. The message was meant to make him feel better about the situation, but she’s already apologetic for the “torture” she suffered. Here are some things you need to know about Trevon Diggs’ past relationship.

The first rumor was that Chinese Kitty, a popular Instagram model and rapper, dumped her boyfriend, Cowboys player Quandary Diggs. Apparently, she demanded the watch she had given him back. She paid half of it, but wanted it back, and it didn’t go over well. It seems that Chinese Kitty was happy to let go of the WR. But is it really the end of a relationship?

If this is indeed the case, then the Dallas Cowboys cornerback’s ex will have to deal with some serious issues in the near future. In addition to his alleged assault, Diggs’ child with Yasmine Lopez is still a big mystery. Nevertheless, he is now the NFL’s leading interception-maker. The situation isn’t over, however, as both sides haven’t denied having had sexual encounters.

Trevon Diggs is rumored to have been cheating on his ex girlfriend. Although it is impossible to prove, it seems like Trevon Diggs is a bad match. In fact, it’s not surprising considering his age. He is only 24 years old, and has been in one relationship. However, there’s no indication of an engagement. Now the question is: “Who’s Trevon Diggs dating now?”

Trevon Diggs may be married. However, the rumor that he is divorcing his girlfriend could be true. The relationship between Diggs is a thorn in the side of the NFL quarterback. After all, the NFL’s players’ wives are often highly motivated to make sure they stay married. It can be a difficult situation, but one that is worth exploring.

Who is Trevon Diggs Dating Now?
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