Who Should the Broncos Draft As Their Next QB?

Who should the Broncos draft as their next quarterback? If they want to win the Super Bowl this year, they could go with Jimmy Garropolo. He led the Niners to Super Bowl 2 years ago, but they fell short to the Chiefs. He’s a proven winner. The Broncos cannot afford to spend money on the wrong quarterback. What are their options?

The Broncos need to upgrade their quarterback position. They’ve been using burnouts, stopgaps, and retreads for over two decades. Their quarterback play has been excellent, but they haven’t been able to win a Super Bowl. The Broncos must find a new quarterback to take the team to the next level. That means a draft pick, free agent signing, or a blockbuster trade.

Many NFL experts believe that the Broncos should draft Aaron Rodgers rather than any other player, but there is no guarantee that they will make it to the Super Bowl. However, if they draft Aaron Rodgers as their next quarterback, they will be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Rodgers’ age and experience makes him an appealing target for Denver. And he’d likely cost a pretty penny.

The Broncos could choose Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum if they pick a quarterback in their first round. Cousins, even though neither is an elite quarterback would give the Broncos better chances of winning week after week. It is unlikely that they’ll select a rookie unless they feel they need a starter now. They can use a draft pick to develop a quarterback for a year to improve their offense.

In addition to Garoppolo, the Broncos could also draft Jimmy G. to help them win the Super Bowl. The quarterback is in the final year of his contract. However, if they decide to trade, they won’t have to spend a first-round pick. Hackett’s veteran status gives them more options for the future. He is likely to be a Bronco second round pick.

Despite the rumors of the Broncos drafting Aaron Rodgers, the current franchise quarterback doesn’t have enough upside to make it through another season in Denver. If Rodgers doesn’t stay, they’ll likely be in the market for a quarterback by 2022. If Bridgewater doesn’t deliver the results they want, they will have to trade for a veteran.

Denver has the No. 9 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, and while the Broncos may not get their preferred quarterback, they may still have the pick of the QB litter. Unlike last year’s draft, the draft is not top heavy, so there are some promising prospects in the class. Potential candidates include Matt Corral from Ole Miss, Desmond Ridder from Cincinnati, and Carson Strong in Nevada.

While Leaf has had a solid career, he was also plagued with injuries. Multiple injuries meant that he only played 15 games in the past season. He’s also average in terms of athletic ability. He was paired with one the most talented offensive minds in the league. If the Broncos want to win the Super Bowl, they’ll have to pick someone new.

Who Should the Broncos Draft As Their Next QB?
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