Why Is There So Much Trae Young Hate?

Despite constant slander, Trae has managed to defy the trend. He’s remained unchallenged by unflattering tags like “stats guy” and “not good enough to drag the Hawks to the postseason.” Young has even dismissed his detractors’ challenge to become a better player. But the question remains: Why is there so much Trae Young hate? Let’s take another look.

It is not unusual for NBA players to be attacked online. However, the online hatred against Trae Young has reached unprecedented levels. In one game, a Knicks fan spat on Trae Young, who was subsequently eliminated from the series. His team’s fans yelled “F—- Trae!” in an effort to distract them from Young’s shortcomings, he handled the hatred with class and grace. Despite the negative press he received, he returned to New York just a few days later and made bold statements.

The boos have become so loud and vocal that even Knicks fans are yelling at Trae. Fans are furious that the star isn’t a Knick and have a hatred of the Knicks. The fans are loyal to their favorite players and the hatred directed at Trae Young is not deserved. Although it is natural to feel anger towards the Clippers’, the fan base can be quite large and Trae Young’s supporters are vocal.

Although Trae Young has been mocked for his stats and his lack of teammateship, there is also a certain charm about him. He seems to relish the negative reaction, which he can take as an indication of his success. Young’s success is measured by his ability to rise above the criticisms and see them as a positive sign. Young is an excellent example of how to handle negative comments about yourself or your team.

Despite the negative reaction, Trae is not the only one who attracts hatred. While the Knicks’ fans may be adamant that Trae Young is the “villain of the season” for kicking their butts in the playoffs, the Atlanta Hawks’ fans have been a vocal support group for Young for the entire season. The fans aren’t ready to forgive him yet. There is still the possibility that Knicks fans might turn against him for no apparent reason.

Trae Young’s shimmy, finger-to-mouth response to the heckling during the playoffs made him the ‘villain of the season’. The reaction made his father understand his response and that of many fans. This game-within-a-game mentality is a natural reaction for a player whose father is also a basketball player. His grandfather is the reason he has made his prediction come true.

Young’s dislike of the color jerseys stems from his relationship with Russell Westbrook. Russell taught Trae Young how to hate different colors. While the two players are teammates, he doesn’t care about the fan base. He cares about his teammates. It’s not surprising that Kevin Durant and Trae Young got double technicals for snarling during a game. The two players have been friends since childhood. They played together in junior high.

Why Is There So Much Trae Young Hate?
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