Why Rent To Students?

COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Students Life

Student rental is reserved for students and has different taxation.

The student lease is an alternative to the classically furnished lease. This lease can only be offered for furnished apartments, intended for short-term rentals. The tenant must in any case vacate the apartment after nine months without the need to send a notice of termination. In this guide, find all the information you need to know about student rental.

What are the rules to follow for a student rental? Is the student rental in a classic apartment or in a residence?

Why Choose Student Rental?

As the name suggests, student rental is for students. Some students choose to finish their studies far from the family cocoon. Student rental is therefore quite common. Students need apartments close to their schools.

These are generally small furnished surfaces (except in the case of shared apartments). Indeed, the situation of the student is temporary, he will not wish to invest in furniture. Student rentals are therefore mostly furnished apartments. In this guide, we present to you how student rental is set up and with which lease. We also present the alternative of the shared apartment and a residence or standard apartment. A lot of students are looking financial district apartments rent in new york city.

Classic Residence or Apartment?

The student rental can be done with a classic apartment. This is an apartment located in a condominium of owners that you will have fitted out to accommodate the student.

There is an alternative: student residences. The student residences have been specially designed and equipped to accommodate students. There are generally laundries, parking spaces, gyms, a concierge service, Wifi connection service. The apartments are equipped and arranged for this type of rental (student bed, kitchenette, office, etc.). By investing in a student residence, you won’t have to install anything more.

The student residence also has the advantage of being able to recover VAT on the price of the apartment, of tax exemption (up to €33,000), with possible management by a professional.

Each type of rental has different taxation. Do your research to find out what best suits your plans.

The Lease of a Student Rental

The student rental is similar to a furnished rental. The lease for a furnished rental is for a period of 9 months when it is a student rental. If notice is not given, it is then tacitly renewed every year. Regarding the notice, the tenant can terminate the lease at any time, without justification of the reason, with one month’s notice. In the context of a student rental, the lessor has no possibility of terminating.

Tip: furnished apartment can increase the rent by 15% on average.

The Mandatory Furnishings of a Student Rental

The compulsory furniture for a student rental is governed by decree. To comply with this decree, the owner of a rental property must equip it:

  • bedding with sheets, duvet, and cover
  • of a fridge
  • of a hob
  • an oven or microwave
  • crockery and some kitchen utensils
  • storage shelves
  • of light fixtures
  • housekeeping equipment
  • blackout curtains for the bedroom

On average, the furniture needs to be changed every 3 to 5 years. This may vary depending on turnover, but it is an element to be taken into account, both financially and logistically. If you opt for a student residence, then the mandatory equipment will already be present in the apartment.

Shared Apartment, Compatible with Student Rental?

Originally, shared apartment was intended for students who could not afford to rent an apartment on their own.

It is a real alternative that allows you to rent a large area with better performance and less risk of non-payment of rent because all the roommates are in solidarity with each other. It is essentially the same type as a furnished or unfurnished rental.

What is the Notice Period for a Student Rental?

Whether it is a 9-month or 1-year lease, the notice will be 1 month once the tenant has sent his letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the owner.

How Much is the Security Deposit for a Student Rental?

As we saw above, a student rental includes furniture. It will therefore be a furnished lease. The notice will therefore be only one month so that the tenant can end the lease and leave the premises.

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Why Rent To Students?

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