Wolfie’s Just Fine – A New Beginning

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Wolfie’s Just fine, a Canadian artist, has released a video for “A New Beginning”, his song that refers to Friday the 13th. This satirical song captures the feeling of the first horror film. “A New Beginning” is a tense, fun take on Friday the 13th’s horror movie. Watch the video below. It will make you want to watch the full song!

“Wolves” is not for everyone, but it’s a fun and upbeat coming-of-age song that is tied to Friday the 13th and its Freudian mix of sex and death. The song will leave your child with many questions about psychosexual development, morality, and their love of slasher films. The song was written and directed by Wolfie Lajoie, who later directed the Friday the 13th sequel.

Wolfie’s Just Fine – A New Beginning
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