You’ve Heard of Tee Higgins Basketball, But Do You Really Know His Basketball Skills?

You’ve heard of Tee Higgins basketball, but do you really know his basketball skills? It’s hard to imagine someone with his size, athleticism, and scoring ability not raking in the points. Higgins isn’t new to hoops. He played high school basketball and received offers from three schools, including Tennessee and Clemson. Additionally, he had offers from Auburn and the SEC Tigers. Meanwhile, Higgins’ recent move to Louisville will give him plenty of opportunities to play basketball.

In high school, Tee Higgins was a dual-sport star in basketball and football. Tee Higgins was a cornerback and wide receiver, and he also threw highlight-reel shots on the hardwood. Tee Higgins averaged 15 points per game in basketball and 68 receptions for 1,044 yard in football during his senior year. Higgins’ high school statistics show his athleticism, with a combined 6.7 rebound and 3.3 assists per match.

In high school, Higgins was a top athlete in both sports. Higgins was ranked the 18th-best basketball player of the Class of 2017. He also received offers from many of the top schools in the country. Although he could have chosen to pursue both sports, he chose to concentrate on one. Higgins is a proven performer and is expected to be a top college basketball player.

Although Higgins played basketball in high school, he had his eyes set on the NFL. He was the 33rd overall selection by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft. Though he chose basketball over football, he established himself as one of Clemson’s top wide receivers. He finished the season with 135 receptions, 2,448 yards and a total of 248 yards. Clemson’s record 27 touchdowns was set by him.

While his size, athleticism, and athleticism makes him a top wide receiver prospect in the 2017 recruiting class, he also possesses the ability to play basketball. Those are the qualities that Tennessee needs in a wide receiver. Butch Jones can have Higgins in both sports. He could even be the best player in Tennessee. If Higgins stays in Tennessee, the Volunteers could be in great shape.

Tee is not only the recipient of the national championship for Clemson, but he also has a stellar record in college football. He played in every Tigers game and accumulated 1,167 yards through 59 receptions and 13 touchdowns. Tee’s most impressive performance was in the first half against Syracuse when he caught seven passes and gained 150 yards. This was the highest receiving yardage in a half since 2012.

You’ve Heard of Tee Higgins Basketball, But Do You Really Know His Basketball Skills?
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