4 Networks for Venture Capitalists, Angels, and More

4 Networks for Venture Capitalists, Angels, and More

Whether you are a startup looking for funding or a VC or angel investor looking for a chance to invest in the next big idea, networking is vital for both parties.

Networking helps potential investors find the business that may catch their eye and the information they need before deciding. Startup founders need a network to connect with potential investors or partners for funding their business.

Networking in person is tricky due to several factors. First, finding investors or potential partners is not always easy. Secondly, pitching for funding or a partnership can be intimidating. And finally, dealing with investors can be complicated because they are busy people.

Fortunately, several networks bring together potential investors and startups. Discover our top 5 networks for venture capitalists, angels, and startups.

1. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a free online resource for finding information on businesses, technology companies, private companies, and angel investors. It’s an open database that anyone can use to research investment opportunities and find contact information for potential partners, clients, or investors.

But what makes Crunchbase stand out is the number of investors on the platform and the quality of information they have on each of them. Crunchbase has an estimated 70 million registered users who view and contribute information on the companies they invest in and partner with.

Crunchbase is free to use and browse but offers paid subscription options that unlock additional features like the ability to contact users directly and export data for personal use.

2. Signal

Signal is another network dedicated to SaaS, Fintech, marketplace, enterprise startups, and angel investors.

Signal offers numerous features for its members and allows users to research companies to find serious investment opportunities and partners. You will be able to read through the profiles of verified users who post their contact information for free and contact investors directly.

For instance, this investing profile on Signal shows the investor’s contact, sectors they have an affiliation with, their investment range, and just enough information to pique your interest and keep you interested to find out more.

3. AngelList

AngelList platform connects startups with angel investors to help with fundraising, recruiting, and launching their businesses.

Since AngelList makes it easy for people to search for jobs at startups and invest in companies they are interested in, it is incredibly prominent among startups looking to grow.

4. Gust

Gust enables entrepreneurs and investors to start, operate, and invest in scalable, high-growth companies.

Entrepreneurs can use Gust’s tools to start, run, and raise money for their businesses, while investors can manage relationships and deal flow.

With more than 192 countries represented, Gust is the world’s largest early-stage investor and entrepreneur community. Approximately 850,000 startups have been connected to over 85,000 investment professionals through Gust.

Gust is not free, however. Each user pays $300 a year.

4. Life Science Angels

Life Science Angels specialize in investing in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics companies. Many executives and founders of healthcare companies are angel investors in this group.

You can apply for funding on their website, and they provide tips on how to apply, which will help you minimize the mistakes you make on your application.

Venture capitalists, angels, and startups can use several networks to find potential investments. It is essential to do your research and find the right one.

Each network has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is crucial to find the one that fits your needs.

4 Networks for Venture Capitalists, Angels, and More

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