Best Online Platforms Like Blackboard Ttu Which Were Built During Coronavirus Pandemic:

Best Online Platforms

The advent of the coronavirus pandemic caused the world to invent newer ways of communication, learning, and living. Covid-19 grasps the world in its harrowing shadows making the world gloomy and unpredictable.

In these trying times, people came forward to build online learning platforms so that the process of learning doesn’t stop.

A lot of successful online platforms were generated during covid-19 such as blackboard TTU, teams, Skillshare, Udemy etc. These platforms help the world to continue the process of learning without hampering the efforts of the teachers.

How have online learning platforms become a need of time?

When the covid-19 pandemic hit the planet in full throttle; schools, colleges, and universities were forced to shut down their campuses for studies. Everyone was forced to move their instruction system online. This was an abrupt transition but it was the need of time as the learning process could not be halted since nobody knew when the pandemic would be finally over.

This struggle led to the building of online learning platforms across the globe and it was noted that a lot of students performed better in these online learning platforms as compared to the traditional learning system.

Let’s have a look at some of the online learning platforms built during covid-19:

This online learning platform offers classes as well as live workshops in various fields. The main focus of this platform was to enhance the development of modern skills which are really in demand such as data science, programming, digital business, and design thinking. concept.

The main ideology behind this platform was to promote “learning by doing” – encouraging the students to work on the projects, exercise, and other activities that will enhance learning. was offered both for free and for paid courses.


Skillshare is an online platform for learning which has a huge variety of subjects for the student to choose from. The courses are offered both for free and for payment as well.

The classes are conducted through videos and sometimes pre-recorded videos making it easier for the users to learn from the course for the opted skill at their own convenience anytime and anywhere. It has a massive collection of more than 27000 online classes ranging from business analysis to leadership and graphic design.


This is an online learning platform that offers university-level courses as well as other certification programs.

The courses on this platform were taught by teachers from top universities and companies such as Yale, Stanford, and Princeton.

There is a 7-day free trial offered after that every course has a small fee.

Courses vary from $29 to $99. This platform offers degree courses also which were granted by the world’s most renowned and acclaimed universities. You can take any course online and it costs you less than the on-campus program.

Blackboard TTU

This online course was developed by the instructors of texas tech university. The course was initially for the students of the university only but later on, it diversified its range and anyone could get enrolled in the courses offered by the texas tech university.

Blackboard is an online learning platform that is used to teach online classes by TTU. The online platform was created to provide online courses, teaching as well as collaborating with students and sharing knowledge with students.

This platform provided a safe space to the teachers as they could teach any model or theory of teaching as per their choice in their online class. This freedom of choice was granted so that the platform became flexible, open, and highly focused on enhancing the achievement level of the students.

The online platform was used during the coronavirus pandemic and it turned out to be a successful experiment. But afterlife returned to normalcy, the platform did not get obsoleted. It is still being used as a face-to-face medium between teacher and student. Some instructors chose to teach in a hybrid method whereas the majority thought that the freedom of teaching through online means best suits them, therefore they decided to continue on the blackboard TTU.

Final Note

With the passage of time, the world is evolving. Whenever there is a challenge, it becomes an obligation to counter it, and thanks to modern technology it becomes easier to combat the challenge or diffuse the situation in hands with great expertise and less time.

Online learning platforms like blackboard TTU and the rest were the need of time. It was necessary to keep the flow of learning continuing, that too in a way that is preferred by both the instructor and the student. Online learning platforms played their part during the pandemic and now it’s time to move back to the traditional methods of learning!

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Best Online Platforms Like Blackboard Ttu Which Were Built During Coronavirus Pandemic:

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