5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Boulder, Colorado 

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Boulder, Colorado 

When you think about Colorado, most of us envision the mighty Rocky Mountains, skiing through fresh powder, or strolling through the glamour of downtown Denver. But there’s so much more that the Centennial State has to offer. Just thirty minutes west of Denver, Boulder is a college town that has easily made a name for itself as one of the most beautiful and unique Colorado towns. 

Eye-catching structures designed by the top Boulder architects, a range of shopping and dining experiences, and easy access to the great outdoors all make Boulder a truly magical place. Here, we’re taking a closer look at this wonderfully unique town and reviewing some of the top reasons why you should check out Boulder, Colorado. 

What is Boulder All About?

Boulder is a town located in central Colorado nestled right against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Just about thirty minutes from Colorado’s capital, Denver, Boulder is an easily accessible city with a ton to offer.

Known by many as a college town (home to the University of Colorado), Boulder in the past few decades has grown to so much more. Home to many top tech start ups and government agencies, including the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Boulder is known for having an educated and active local population. It’s also known as a counter-culture hot spot as the easy going lifestyle and liberal vibes are hard to miss in this artistic town. 

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Boulder, Colorado

There are many reasons to fall in love with this unique Colorado town. Need a little inspiration? Just take a look at some of the top reasons why we love Boulder, Colorado:

  1. Experience the outdoors: the unique location of Boulder makes it a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Just minutes from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder has easy access to a range of trails for hiking, mountain biking, or even just a leisurely walk through some of the most beautiful parks in the state. Many visitors will instantly head to Chautauqua Park where you can access countless hiking trails and spend time admiring the Flatirons. 
  1. Explore Pearl Street: if you’re looking for some shopping and dining after a long hike, you’ve come to the right place. Just north of the university, Pearl Street is in many ways the main street for this town. Pearl Street, a fully walkable avenue that doesn’t allow cars, is loaded with unique shops and a range of cuisine styles to suit any craving. Whether you’re looking for fine dining at a classy spot like Salt or you simply want to catch a game and take in the local crowd at a fun sports bar like the infamous Pub on Pearl, there’s sure to be a place for you. Pearl Street is also renowned for the variety of talented and eclectic street performers you won’t want to miss.
  1. A beautiful place for higher education: many people, when first learning about Boulder, learn that it’s one of the most beautiful college towns in the country. And this is definitely true. Boulder is home to the flagship campus for the University of Colorado. Home to thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, the University of Colorado is recognized as one of the top public universities in the country.

Known especially for their business school and aerospace programs, CU Boulder is home to a range of students and professors and is one of the top research universities in the West. The unique architectural design and scenic views you’ll get from campus also set this college apart from competitors. And to top it all off, the Colorado Buffaloes stay true to their name by having a live buffalo (Ralphie) lead their football team charging onto the field during football Saturdays.

  1. Visit a local brewery: there’s no doubt that Boulder is definitely a beer town. Home to some of Colorado’s most recognized beers, Boulder is littered with breweries to meet the needs for any beer enthusiast. Some of the top breweries in Boulder include Avery Brewing, Twisted Pine Brewing Company, Sanitas Brewing Company, Upslope Brewing, Asher Brewing, and more. If you’re thirsty after your long hike or ride, then you’ve definitely got some options for a spot to quench your thirst.
  1. Experience the arts: as a liberal hotspot with a laid back attitude, Boulder is also a popular destination for a range of artists. A quick stroll through town will expose you to impressive street art, murals, and there’s usually always an arts festival in town during the summer months. 

Conclusion – 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Boulder, Colorado

If you’re visiting Colorado for the first time, you’ve probably got Denver, Colorado Springs, or one of the top ski resort towns (like Aspen, Breckenridge, or Vail) on your list. But don’t overlook some of the smaller cities in the Centennial State. Just thirty minutes west of Denver at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is one of the most beautiful, fun, and unique spots in all of the American West.

While many may think of Boulder as a college town, Boulder actually has so much more to offer. In addition to the beautiful campus centered in the middle of town, Boulder is also home to quite the collection of shops and restaurants to suit any taste. Many of these restaurants and shops can be found on Pearl Street, the main avenue just north of campus where you’ll be sure to find quite the crowd when the weather’s nice.

But don’t forget about the unique location of this town. Right at the bottom of the foothills, Boulder offers an amazing view of the Flatirons rock formation and access to countless hiking and mountain biking trails. Outdoor enthusiasts of all types will love what Boulder has to offer. And with many top-rated restaurants and a litany of breweries, you’ll have quite a few options of where to relax after enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Explore Boulder, Colorado, and see for yourself what this town has to offer.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Boulder, Colorado 

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