What Are the Best Gift Stores In Denver?

What Are the Best

The best presents reflect a person’s personality or interests — special items that show that you care. When you find the right gift, you will see it in their eyes and know that it is something they will cherish for a long time. Some of the most intriguing gifts come from vintage or antique items – hardy craftsmanship that has stood the test of time and carries the indelible aura of the past.

Many vintage artifacts are handmade and durable, which is why they still endure today. Gift stores that trade in vintage goods are fascinating examples of eras past, with a variety of period items to suit virtually any taste, especially retro devotees. They make one-of-a-kind presents and indicate to the recipient that you have taken the time to find something extraordinary, selected to suit that individual with thoughtful care.

When the time comes to seek out vintage or handmade curiosities for those you hold dear, look no further than these Colorado treasure troves to find the best Denver gifts for yourself or your friends and family!

Chickadee Vintage

Chickadee Village is the place to go if you know someone who loves classic style for their home decor. They specialize in vintage linens and designer collections such as Crate & Barrel, Nautica, Pottery Barn, and Ralph Lauren Home. However, they also dedicate space to unique pillows and pillowcases, tableware, miscellaneous porcelain sets, vases, and dishes, as well as selections for special events such as weddings or baby showers.

The Old Map Gallery

Have a history buff friend or family member? When it comes to giving, old maps are not generally the first thing that comes to mind, which is why this is such an excellent, unpredictable gift for any geography fan. You may be astonished to learn exactly how many different types of maps they carry in the Old Map Gallery. Options include world maps, aerial views from space, star charts, nautical charts, antique maps from various periods and places, and even food and wine maps that chart specialties, production, and other fascinating details.

Even if you are not seeking a map itself, the Gallery has related books and atlases as well as supplemental materials such as magnifying glasses on stands that can provide excellent choices for anyone who enjoys hobbies that benefit from an “up-close” view.

Fifty-Two 80’s

For anyone enamored with this particular decade, Fifty-Two 80’s specializes in nothing but the 1980s. From He-Man figures to Care Bears and Garbage Pail Kids cards, they are a goldmine of nostalgia for anyone that lived during this era. They have even designed their website to resemble an old-school arcade game, keeping with their theme.

Their items span the spectrum of “radical” things, including arcade machines, action figures, trading cards, collectible dolls, retro game consoles, and posters. Depending on their current stock, you may find boomboxes, board games, flip-clock radios, or other decade-defining items. It certainly never hurts to enter this time machine and see what they have that might be perfect for gift-giving.

La Lovely Vintage

La Lovely Vintage carries mainly clothing, jewelry, and accessories, although they also feature decor, paper goods, and craft custom candles for their customers. Their clothing and accessories have classic designs, but they also dedicate a portion of their stock to modern selections.

Their T-shirts feature standard designs from the past, including band and 80’s movie logos. Jacket styles span the decades, from 80’s denim to 40’s chinstrap wool Mackinaw jackets and beyond. There are also classic pants, work shirts, sweatshirts, and even militaria styles to choose from, so there is bound to be something for any taste. Rounding out their fashion selection are assorted bandanas and wallets.

The Odditorium

If you have someone who loves the peculiar, unique, grotesque, or downright bizarre, Denver’s Odditorium is an excellent starting point. This locale collects all manner of oddities, from various skulls to giant gargoyles. Miscellaneous items from past eras litter nearly every available surface. There is even an outdoor lot full of knick-knacks, such as antique horses, stand-up lockers, vintage tables and chairs, metal sunflower crafts, and stand-up figurines.

The inside features items ranging from the mundane such as jewelry boxes, antique dolls, posters, old typewriters, porcelain figures, and teacups, to the unusual, including a stand-up skeleton such as one might find in an anatomy class, unique mythical creatures, bins full of strange mushroom plushies, and a peculiar porcelain biker skull wearing a Viking helmet.

In short, if you want a variety of incredible treasures, this is the place to be.

Park Hill Treasures

Another location where hours exploring can pass like minutes, Park Hill Treasures offers an astonishing collection of artwork, jewelry, clothing, apothecary items, pottery, ornaments, and a wide variety of dolls and handcrafted goods. One of the qualities that makes this venue special is that they work with over 85 artisans in the area that provide the store with handmade crafts.

This aspect is perfect if you are looking for a personal touch, as these items are a labor of love for local artisans; with so many skilled craftsmen, there are plenty of different types of creations to choose from so that you can find the ideal gift. Plus, they have a classroom that they rent out for various events, including crafting or painting lessons. What better gift than offering someone the chance to learn to prepare their own vintage goods?

The Bottom Line

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to antique and handcrafted goods, so it is reasonably easy to find something to suit any friend or family member when you know their personality and are willing to explore a variety of locations in search of the ultimate gift. Fortunately, these Denver gift shops are full of intriguing and sometimes bizarre items from different periods, searching an enjoyable journey in and of itself.

From fashion to 80’s decade collectibles and artwork to various eclectic assortments of miscellaneous treasures, these gift stores are some of the best choices to begin your search for that treasured item that will cause the recipient’s eyes to light up with joy. However, these stores are just the tip of the iceberg, so do not be afraid to venture out into uncharted waters in pursuit of even more timeless treasures.

What Are the Best Gift Stores In Denver?

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