5 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Into Harvard

5 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Into Harvard

Harvard University is one of the leading universities in the world, commanding extraordinary amounts of respect from every country on the globe. Established in 1636, it has maintained its reputation for being the cream of the crop.

Harvard boasts elite coursework, empowered students, and endless opportunity for success – it is no wonder it is one of the most sought-after institutions for tertiary education. If you are wondering how to improve your chances of getting in, follow these five tips below:

.1 Understand The Requirements

The first tip for securing your place in this highly prestigious university is to know what the requirements are. Harvard provides all prospective students with a detailed outline of what is needed for admission.

They also provide critical tips for successfully navigating each section of the process.

.2 Preparation Is Key

Harvard uses over ten thousand alumni to sift through thousands of applications to determine which students will fit the bill. Prospective students need to be qualified and well-suited to this thriving university.

The interviews are often conducted via video conferencing apps due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though your application is already in by that stage, you still need to prepare for one of the most important aspects of the entire ordeal – the alumni interview. You must prepare for this as it plays a massive role in the final decision of the acceptance committee.

.3 Recommendation Letters

If you are thinking about applying to Harvard University, you will be required to present them with two letters of recommendation. One of these letters needs to be from a high school counselor and one from a teacher.

You don’t have much control over the counselor because they are typically assigned to each student, but you do get to choose which teacher will write their recommendation for you. Getting into Harvard isn’t easy, but it is certainly worth it!

.4 Exemplary Grades

Harvard isn’t for everyone, which is fine because they don’t want everyone. You don’t get to be one of the best tertiary institutions in the world by accepting every application. To get the best of the best, you need to be exceptionally selective with who gets in and who doesn’t.

One of the first places you will be judged is on your grades – they need to be nothing short of exemplary for you to get in. That bar will be set impressively high, and you will be expected to maintain or improve them during your years there.

.5 Get Ahead Of The Pack

One thing that so many scholars don’t realize is that getting in early might not guarantee acceptance, but it works in their favor. Harvard University allows confident students to apply under their Restrictive Early Action program.

That allows the eager beavers to lock in their ideal university earlier than other students. You will need to have your application completed and submitted by the first of November.

Expect to hear back from this extraordinary institution by the middle of December. Best of luck with your application!

5 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Into Harvard

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