14 Great Holiday Gift Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

14 Great Holiday Gift Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

Every year it feels like you blink once, and summer fun is done; suddenly, it’s time to start planning for the holidays. Finding great gifts for the whole family can be easier said than done – especially with hard-to-please teens or picky grandparents.

These fourteen gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift for every family member. FUNBOY’s snow sleds will encourage young teens to get outside and play this winter, while tea warmers will keep your grandmother cozy all season long.

For the Little Ones

The first few holidays with little ones are so exciting! Find fun learning games to help them improve their motor skills and prepare for preschool!

1.Kiddie Kitchen

Tiny kitchen sets are always a hit with toddlers. Who know’s what they’ll cook up for you! These sets are great for helping build a young child’s vocabulary and engage them in imagination-based play.

2.Jumbo Blocks

Let them build to their heart’s content with jumbo blocks. Blocks can help kids learn motor skills and problem-solving. They are an excellent game for small children to play together and practice the fine art of sharing.

3.Arts and Crafts

Get messy with the little one in your life and gift them with some non-toxic finger paint! You’ll make unforgettable memories together and have some stunning new artwork you can hang on your fridge.

4.Indoor Slide

Winter months can be difficult for toddlers who are used to playing outside. A small indoor slide for their playroom can help them burn off that excess energy.

For Teens

Teens are notoriously tricky to shop for – sure, you can give them a gift card… but that doesn’t feel as personal as choosing a gift yourself. These gifts are effortlessly cool and will encourage teens to look up from their phones and join the family.

5.FUNBOY’s Snow Sleds

Bring back the magic of winter by gifting your teen a unique and chic inflatable snow sled from FUNBOY. Get a Red Racer two-pack and challenge your kids to a race down the hill! These fun sleds are compact enough to pack for any weekend getaway or sleepover.

6.Wireless Karaoke Microphone

A Bluetooth karaoke microphone is the perfect gift for your teen who loves to sing their heart out. Sleepovers will never be the same.

7.Polaroid Camera

Sure, your teen takes a million pictures on their phone – but how often do they have tactile memories they can share with friends? A polaroid camera is the ideal combo of cool tech and vintage nostalgia, sure to please even the pickiest teen.

8.Fun New Game

The whole family can enjoy a new board or card game. Choose a game that is challenging and unique enough to grab your teen’s interest. Some fan-favorite games include:

  • Settlers of Catan
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Pandemic
  • Betrayal of Hill House

For Mom and Dad

Whether you still live at home with your parents or have flown the nest, these ideas will surely make your parents feel loved this holiday season.

9.Book of the Month Club Membership

Help grow your parent’s library with a Book of the Month membership! No need to double-check which books they have on their shelves. They can log in monthly and choose a new title to be delivered right to their door. It’s a gift that will keep on giving all year long.

10.Plan a Date Night

Maybe you’re the eldest and realize your parents never seem to catch a break. Babysit your brothers and sisters and let your parents head out for a night on the town. Call and make reservations for your parents at one of their favorite restaurants. Write a thoughtful card and include movie tickets to round out the night.

11.Hire a Photographer to Take Professional Photos

Once you’ve grown up, there aren’t as many chances to take family photos. Get together with your siblings and gift your parents a professional photoshoot this holiday.

12.Family Photo Album

We take so many beautiful photos on our phones, yet they are quickly forgotten. This holiday season, create a photo album of your favorite family memories from the past year. Your parents will love having a tactile photo book to look through.

For the Grandparents

Sure, most grandparents will be happy just to see you over the holidays – but share a gift with them to show just how much you care.

13.Tea or Coffee Mug Warmer

Keep your grandma or grandpa feeling cozy all winter long with a plug-in tea or coffee mug warmer. Now, they can let their drink sit all day without getting cold.

14.Digital Picture Frame

Just because we live far away from our grandparents doesn’t mean we can’t share our favorite moments with them. They may not be as capable of texting or chatting on Facetime, but with a digital picture frame, you can keep them in the loop on all your adventures.

14 Great Holiday Gift Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

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