4 Essential Things to Consider In A 5G Plan and Network Carrier

5G Plan and Network Carrier

The digital migration is underway, and more technical solutions for communication keep rolling out every day worldwide. With its futuristic blueprint to digitize almost every facet of the economy, Singapore seems to collude with the wave pretty seamlessly. But while everything seems to be moving quite fast, you must be aware of the available Singapore 5G plans and the things to look for. Here are the essential things to consider in a 5G plan and their respective network carriers.

1. Check the local 5G coverage

Now that Singapore has rolled out a blueprint to guarantee 5G coverage to almost half of the country by 2022, it means that specific areas will remain untouched. That, therefore, should prompt you to do your due diligence to determine if there’s 5G coverage in your area. It wouldn’t make sense to cash in heavily for Singapore 5G plans without any speck of potential to use it any time soon. Ensure that you consult with your network carrier to check if they provide 5G network coverage.

2. Compare prices

Given the hefty costs of 5G plans across most of Singapore’s networks, you might want to consider the prices and weigh out available options that fit your pocket. It wouldn’t make perfect sense to opt for a 5G data or phone plan that overcharges you yet offer similar basics to another that’s retailing cheaply. Most Singapore 5G plans can seemingly offer similar deliverables, but the nuances in contracts and charges can make a huge difference. Comparing the prices ensures that you get the best bang of your dime since you’ll be paying for what you intend to suit your needs.

3. Determine your data needs

5G plans don’t retail cheaply, and therefore, you must check your data needs before cashing in on a 5G phone and pan. That’s primarily because 5G offers what other prior versions don’t – speed – which comes at a hefty price. As evident across most networks, Singapore 5G plans promise incredible usability, but they won’t be necessary if they’re beyond your data needs. You may end up with umpteen unused data that, if lenient enough, will roll onto the next contract. However, most of them would vanish into thin air, and you’ll certainly call it a loss.

4. Assess the frequency bands for personal phones

Ideally, if you’re purchasing a phone from a carrier, you’d have less to worry about their frequency compatibility with their 5G technology. Technically, there are two broad frequency categories that the 5G network falls into – the mmWave and sub6GHz. The former is usually carrier-specific, and if you’re using your phone, ensure that it’s compatible. The latter is typically universal across most networks and should concern you less. If the bands are compatible, you’re sure to get the most out of every network.


5G plans in Singapore can be costly, and therefore, you must do rigorous research before cashing in. Ascertain that your carrier network provides 5G coverage and keep tabs on the prices, so you’re not paying more for less. Besides, assess your data needs and ensure that you’re purchasing a Singapore 5G plan that meets them adequately. Most essentially, ensure that the frequency bands are compatible to get the most out of your network.

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4 Essential Things to Consider In A 5G Plan and Network Carrier

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