Interesting Facts on Martell VSOP

Martell VSOP

In the world of alcoholic drinks, theirs is one iconic cognac that has the best floral aroma and the texture is Martell VSOP. Sipping this drink will bring up the traditional way of drinking wine beside the fire and engaging in a conversation with loved ones. This is one of the many reasons the new generation is getting drawn towards this special cognac, and its charm. Whether you are an occasional drinker or a pro, you can dive into this brief exploration of classic spirit that has been winning hearts since 1715.

Brandy or cognac?

If you live in Singapore then you might have the question of where to buy Martell VSOP? You will find several companies that sell genuine products. However, before you purchase this elegant drink let’s know about the true identity of this classic spirit.

Martell VSOP is a type of brandy but all brandies are not VSOP. When you look for the best brandies online in Singapore, you might have come across the name, and have wondered about the name. There is a huge difference between other brands and Martell VSOP. This name indicates the proper tradition of the British monarchy. This is also the reason you will get the best flavor and craftsmanship with this drink.

Cognac grapes:

This alcoholic drink is made from the best grapes. This drink is made from the distillation of white wine which has a minimum of 90% of Trebbiano and colombard. The left 10% consists of Sémillon, Sélect, Jurançon blanc, Meslier St-François, and Folignan. These ingredients have the best aroma and texture that makes VSOP the best cognac in the market.

How Martell VSOP is made?

This brandy is made from the distillation process of white wine. After this goes through the oak age for four years. This procedure provides the best flavor to the drink. This is also a very celebrated cognac because it’s a sediment-free drink, which brings out the perfect flavor of grapes. This brandy is aged in oak barrels like a fine wine and it gives it a color of light amber, and the note gradually deepens into vanilla and subtle nutty taste.

How does Martell VSOP taste?

When you buy Cognac from an online store in Singapore, it will always have a different experience. You will always get the genuine brand and finally, you get to taste the three-century-old and famous drink.

The moment you open the cap, a fresh note of crystallized fruits such as plum, raisin, and quince will hit your nose. Then the notes of hazelnut and gentle lime will follow when you pour the drink into the glass. When you taste the drink for the first time, the very smooth texture and the oaky notes will leave you yearning for more. You can easily have this drink with ice or mix it in a cocktail.

Martell VSOP drinks in Singapore:

When you are searching through the internet with the keywords, where to buy Martell VSOP, you will find the best companies that offer Martell VSOP. However, even when you find the best shop, you must be thinking about how you are going to enjoy this exotic drink with your friends or alone. You can always pair it up with a bit of sugar and Angostura bitters. Then you can also make a mix of fresh ginger, lemon bitters, and verbena syrup. This will be the perfect cocktail for the evening.

This list of cognac cocktail mixes will never end, and you will never regret tasting the drink for the first time. All you have to do is to purchase a genuine bottle from a reliable seller.

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Interesting Facts on Martell VSOP

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