Adam Paul

Adam Paul Ruffer, Kicker at Notre Dame, is a Republican

Adam Ruffer lives at 2430 East Burr Oak Ct in Sarasota and is registered Republican.

Ben is married to Susanna Ruffer (b. 1859 Germany) and together they had one son, Harry H. Pfiel (17 Dec 1894) and Josephine E. Pfiel, living with them as well as Benjamin J. Pfiel and Elizabeth Pfiel who also resided with them at this time.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Ruffer, an aggressive transfer student who once broke golf clubs out of frustration, has quickly risen to the top of Notre Dame’s placekicking rankings. Since making 11 attempts this season without missing any field goals he is considered Notre Dame’s most reliable kicker ever in program history.

He has excelled at other sports as well, such as track and field. In 2021 he led the Irish to score an unprecedented 593-point season total.

Ruffer has led an eclectic professional life. Currently serving as consultant for an investment management firm with over PS25bn under management through their Ruffer fund product, Ruffer also held executive roles at Electric & General and Aon Hewitt among many others.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Ruffer was honored with victory in his age group during a recent drive, chip and putt junior qualifier at Hudson’s Lake Forest Country Club. Five other area golfers also won in their respective age categories.

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Personal Life

Adam Paul Ruffer currently resides in Sarasota, Florida and is registered to vote there as an American citizen.

He was born October 3rd 1978 in Florida to Otto and Dolores Ruffer and currently belongs to the Republican Party in Sarasota FL.

He works at a gas house as a laborer while his wife Susanna takes care of housework and laundry duties. Their three children – Harry (20), Benjamin (18) and H. Elizabeth (10). were all born in Germany before immigrating to the US (New York?) around 1872.

Net Worth

Adam Ruffer currently resides at 2430 East Burr Oak Ct in Sarasota County Florida and is registered to vote. It is his single-family home address.

Since 1876, Pfiel and Susanna Ruffer have been happily married, producing five children: Josephine E. Pfiel (aged 22; born October 1887); Minnie S. Pfiel (age 21; Jan 1889) and Harry H. Pfiel (17 Dec 1894) who is in school.

Susanna has lived in America for 46 years; they arrived as immigrants and both are listed as working at a cement mill. Frederick Titus is four and Sophie’s son Harold 14 at this time in 1910 Catskill Village NY census records.

Adam Paul

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