Adam Romo

Adam Romo and Tony Romo

Adam Romo is a veteran financial executive who currently serves as CEO for Eatzi’s Market & Bakery. With more than two decades of experience in retail and restaurant industries, Adam offers his expertise to Eatzi’s.

He is an established figure in the business world. He is widely respected for his numerous community contributions and in-demand speaking engagements.

Early Life and Education

Adam Romo excelled at sports during his childhood, particularly baseball and golf. At age 8, he obtained his first set of golf clubs and spent many hours before and after school at local courses playing the course he loved so much.

At Burlington High School in Wisconsin, he went on to play varsity baseball while also serving on its varsity basketball and football teams – where he amassed over 4,000 yards and 42 touchdowns during his junior and senior seasons!

As a corporate executive, he has held financial leadership roles in retail and restaurant industries. Currently he serves as CEO for Eatzi’s Market & Bakery – a fast casual bakery/deli chain with six locations in Texas – as well as being an advocate for hunger relief through founding Hunger Busters Foundation.

Professional Career

Romo quickly rose from undrafted fringe player to Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback over just a few seasons, leading them to win an NFC East crown and four postseason appearances under his leadership.

Romo earned All-Pro and Pro Bowl selections during each of his four playoff runs and set an all-time franchise passing yards record of 34,183 with 248 touchdowns.

After his playing career ended in April 2017, Romo joined CBS as lead color analyst for NFL telecasts, becoming one of the highest-paid analysts ever seen on television.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Romo was an NFL quarterback who held his starting position with the Dallas Cowboys from 2006 until 2015. During that time he led them to four playoff appearances and earned Pro Bowl recognition – an impressive career accomplishment!

After retiring from the NFL, he quickly transitioned into becoming a lead color analyst for CBS Sports. Known for quickly analyzing plays during games such as the Super Bowl and his quick analysis skills.

Romo has not only proven himself to be an accomplished professional football player but has also proven his acumen as an entrepreneur and restaurateur. He currently owns and operates several restaurant concepts such as Eatzi’s Market & Bakery and Nick & Sam’s Steak & Fish House as well as having established a charitable foundation that provides meals to hungry schoolchildren throughout Dallas.

Personal Life

After his impressive football career, Romo turned his focus toward sports broadcasting and analysis; currently serving as lead color analyst on CBS Sports.

Court records reveal that Romo has been accused of sexual misconduct on multiple occasions. One incident took place in Wallingford, Connecticut where she and Romo attended a concert together.

After the concert, they took a taxi back to Romo’s home where they entered his Chevrolet Tahoe and began kissing passionately in the backseat. Romo then proceeded to sexually assault his victim before continuing assault against her even as she begged for him to stop.

Net Worth

Tony Romo was an NFL quarterback who served the Dallas Cowboys for 14 seasons and earned two Pro Bowl selections as well as the fourth highest passer rating ever.

Since 2016, he has served as CBS’s lead color commentator on their NFL broadcasts and is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $70 Million.

ESPN’s Brian Marchand reports that Romo’s contract is the largest adjusted for inflation since John Madden signed an $8 million a year deal back in the early 2000s with CBS, FOX and NBC color analyst contracts. If his salary continues to increase as time progresses, it could set a new standard among analysts and lead other bidders offering even higher contracts than what Romo currently enjoys.

Adam Romo

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