Add a Dalmatian Jacket to Your Cosplay Wardrobe

add a dalmatian jacket to your cosplay wardrobe 47329

Whether you’re dressing up as the Dalmatian in the 101 Dalmatians films or just want to look like one of the lovable felines, you can add a Dalmatian jacket to your cosplay wardrobe. These coats are often made of faux fur and can be purchased online in a variety of styles. A Dalmatian coat can be added to your Halloween costume!

The Dalmatian is a medium-sized dog that is noted for its white coat dotted with black or brown spots. Originally a hunting and carriage dog, Dalmatians evolved in Croatia. The distinctive colors of their coats may have been derived from certain breeds or spotted Great Danes. Today, Dalmatians are a popular pet for families. Many dog lovers also enter their Dalmatian in kennel club contests.

Add a Dalmatian Jacket to Your Cosplay Wardrobe
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