Adopt a Ginger Poodle

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A toy poodle named Ginger made her Internet debut recently, jumping out of a moving car window. She was able to escape unscathed. The human who was driving had a video camera set up to catch the cute pupper. But Ginger hasn’t gotten over the experience yet – she’s still shy around other dogs. So, a patient adopter is needed. You must have plenty of patience and be willing to spend time with this adorable little dog.

There are two basic types of Poodles: black and brown. Both types have a black base color with darker markings. These markings are not black or silver, but a light grey. The latter color is due to a dilution gene, and a darker base color. This combination makes the dog look ginger or mahogany when it is in direct sunlight. And, despite the different markings and colors, all Poodles are smart and trainable.

Adopt a Ginger Poodle
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