Advantages of Browser Games Over Mobile Games

Browser Games

The gaming world is in a new league now. New games enter the market every day and new records are set every day. In short, the mobile gaming industry is on a roll.

Well, you can see a mobile phone in the hands of every person nowadays. Smartphones have become cheaper and therefore it has become affordable for everyone. Moreover, the Smartphone is now a necessity for us. One can state Smartphones as the best necessity as it is a device of endless possibilities and entertainment. We use our mobile devices every day, and that too for hours, but it never seems to bore us.

Thanks to mobile games, Smartphones never seem to bore us. Whether you want to kill your time for 5 minutes or for 5 hours, you can just start a game and it will help you in doing so. It was found in a study, that when a person buys a Smartphone, they install a game on the device within 48 hours.

Limitation of a mobile gaming app:

Although mobile games are so famous and in demand, developing a game for android or iOS operating systems is not an easy task. There are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed to launch your game on these platforms. Moreover, the app stores are flooded with games and therefore the marketing becomes harder. 

There are so many mobile games that will look like they are made for PC, but the setback here is that the game size is too huge and they cannot run smoothly on all the devices. The size becomes a huge issue as the storage of smartphones is limited. Also, if your app violates the so-called standards of the app store, it won’t be allowed on the app store. 

The biggest barrier here is to list a real money game on app stores. MPL and Dream11 are allowed, but if you wish to list your real money game on the app store, it will not allow you. Then what is the best alternative here? 

The answer is – Browser Games. 

What is a Browser Game?

Browser games are games that can be played only on the browser of the mobile or the desktop. There is no need to download any software. Just visit the game’s URL and the user can start playing the game. These games allow login too and therefore the user can save all the progress and the score. 

Device Accessibility of Browser Games:

  • Android Devices
  • iOS Devices (via Safari & Chrome)
  • Laptops & PC (via Chrome & Mozilla Browser)

These games cannot be downloaded and therefore there is no need to worry about the price of the game as they are almost free.

Browser games have become the newest trend and there are games for almost every genre. Let’s have a look at the pros of web version games.

Pros of developing Browser Games:

1۔ Cross-Platform Development:

Web can be accessed on a mobile phone and on a desktop too. As the game is to be played on the browser only, Browser games can be played on all the devices that have an access to the browser, and that is almost all the mobile devices, desktops, tablets, computers, and many more devices. 

When you are developing a game, you wish to target as many platforms as you can, and in the case of a mobile game, you are able to target only Android and iOS devices. There are windows devices too and the desktop is completely out of the context when it comes to mobile games. But with a browser game, you can target all the above-mentioned devices with a single game. 

The newest entry, which is real money games, has a huge potential of generating high profits, but the rules and regulations of the so-called app stores and especially the Apple App store, does not allow to upload games that are linked to real money. With browser game development, there is no such restriction and therefore you can develop a game of any genre or type. You can easily target iPhone users using a browser game.

2۔ No need to download the game:

The browser games can be played without downloading them. This has a huge benefit as it is possible that the users have less space in their phones and they do not wish to download the app. Therefore, they can just simply use their browser to open and play the game without downloading anything. 

The storage capacity and the RAM memory of all the smartphones are not good. Although advanced phones are released every now and then with more RAM memory and storage, there are many people who use phones that do not have good RAM memory and storage to install lots of apps, and therefore such people will avoid downloading any other app than the essential ones. Therefore, you can now even target such an audience as the browser game only requires a browser, and all the phones have that. 

3۔ Click versus Registration Ratio will increase:

When an app is launched, the user first visits the site or the app store page of the same. Then they have to download the game. And only after that, they can register and play the game. Such a long process creates a huge gap between the number of users who visited and the number of users that registered. 

This can be easily overcome by using Browser Game. In the browser game, the users just have to visit the website and then they can simply register for the game. The full step of downloading is removed and therefore the users can start playing the game without any hassle of downloading the game. 

4۔ Custom Bookmark:

The web browsers have a feature known as the bookmark feature that allows the users to save the webpage as a bookmark and once the page is saved, the users can just click on the bookmark icon, which is shown on the main screen of the browser to open the page.

Therefore, without downloading the game, the users can simply save the page in the bookmark to easily access the game. 

5۔ Easily update your game:

The users never download the game and therefore there is no need to download the update too. You can update your game as many times as you wish as the game is saved on the cloud and runs on the cloud and therefore there is nothing such as a previous version of the game saved on the devices of the users.

You can simply update your game and push the update. All the users will automatically use the updated browser game when they visit your game. Therefore the users will be saved from downloading the updated version of the game every now and then. 

6۔ No security concern about non-play store apps

There are various apps that cannot be listed on the google play store or on the apple app store due to the so-called standards of them. 

Dream11 and MPL are real-money games and they are allowed on the play store and apple app store, but if you develop a real money game, these stores will not allow you to upload the game by stating that the game is a gambling game.

To overcome this, many developers upload their games on the website and allow the users to download the game from the website only. This raises a concern for the user that why is the game not listed on the play store and to clear this concern is not possible. 

The simple method here can be to develop a browser game that cannot be downloaded and therefore as the user does not have to download the game, there will be no concerns. 


With all the above-mentioned advantages, browser games are all set to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry and the gaming industry as a whole. The only concern that you should have to develop the perfect web version app so that it can provide the best entertainment and fun to the users. Choose the browser game development company to ensure the same.

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Advantages of Browser Games Over Mobile Games

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