Why Information Technology is the Best Career Choice for you?

Information Technology

Technology has filled every corner of our lives. Machine Learning, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, these are names we hear everywhere these days. Since technology is being embraced at such a mass level, so many tech jobs have emerged.

Who wouldn’t want a job in an industry that is growing, and also offers an opportunity to make a great living? IT jobs are spread everywhere. When you sign up for one of the Spectrum packages for the Internet, the technician who comes to your place to install the equipment is also considered an IT guy.

In case you are wondering if Information Technology is the best career choice, read this.

1: It’s Inexpensive

To peruse a career in information technology, you must be wondering that like any field, it must require a four-year degree program. That’s not the case, not always. A quick certification would do the work.

This would save a huge amount of money spent on years of college tuition. You will keep on advancing in your career as you gain more knowledge and certifications.

2: Career Growth

Technology is continuously evolving. Roles like that of a web developer, network architect, information security analysts, etc., are seen double-digit growth annually.

In the coming decade, cybersecurity, healthcare IT, cloud computing, mobile networking, computer systems designs, etc. will contribute to new professions. In other words, if you are a web developer, your role will never get stale. It will continue to progress.

3: Job Diversity

IT is not limited to giant organizations like Facebook, IBM, and Google. Its application is diverse. You will see it in design, finance, aerospace, retail, energy, manufacturing, healthcare and more. It providers an infrastructure and tools which every organization needs for operation and growth.

So basically, the roles are diverse. All industries need developers, but a developer’s responsibilities in a strictly IT firm would be different from that of a developer in the healthcare industry.

4: Stable Income

If you want a stable income from your job, then information technology is an ideal career choice. The average salary of an IT pro is $90,000. It is obvious everyone doesn’t start this career at this salary. To advance in the career and earn this much and even more, one has to acquire new skills, get certifications and gain work experience.

5: It’s Challenging

Some people like challenges. A boring job with a monotonous work routine is not something they aspire for themselves. If that’s you, Information Technology will bring the best in you. No matter what your role, whether it’s that of a technician, network administrator, or a software engineer, you will never be bored. These jobs demand creativity and problem-solving. No wonder IT is a forward-looking career choice!

Top Career Options in IT

IT Career

Ready to start your career in IT? Before starting a diploma or a degree program, make sure you do all the research and learn about the responsibilities of all IT jobs you find interesting. These are some of the promising roles:

Cybersecurity Analyst

The prime responsibility of cyber-security analysts is to protect a business from cyber threats. These analysts are also responsible for planning and implementing security measures for keeping valuable customer data safe.

Data Analyst

Data analysts or architect is the person who builds systems and programs necessary for managing the valuable data of an organization. The analysts also translate valuable data to help companies make better decisions.

Computer Programmer

They are expert at coding. They are the peeps who develop technology for software to run.

Software Engineer

These are the people who create software. They also navigate complex problems.

Systems Analysts

They design and analyze a network on which the technology operates. They are responsible for both hardware and software components.

Systems Administrator

If the network crashes or slows down, a system administrator is the one to call. They keep the computer systems running.

Chief Information Officer

As the name implies, it’s a chief position. The CIOs run the information system dept. of an organization. It’s usually those who have managerial experience.


If you want to peruse a rewarding career in Information Technology, a handful of options are available just like there are so many channels available in the Spectrum TV packages. Pick a career that matches your personality and embark on the journey of success.

Why Information Technology is the Best Career Choice for you?

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