Alex Rodriguez – The First Hispanic Shark on “Shark Tank”

Alex Rodriguez is the first Hispanic Shark on “Shark Tank.” The legendary baseball player is also an investor. He established his AROD Corp. on Sunday and made his Shark Tank debut. His empire has a diverse portfolio of companies, including an auto dealership group, international fitness clubs, and real estate. The company currently employs more than 200 people and operates more than 12,000 units in 13 states. Let’s take a look at Alex’s past before we get into Alex’s Shark Tank story.

Rodriguez’s first chance to sell his business was during Shark Tank season 6. But he landed a deal with NBC, and that deal may have cost him his appearance on Shark Tank. Besides investing, Rodriguez has done appearances, endorsement deals, and properties, and he could have built his personal net worth even further. At the age of 18, the baseball player signed his first professional contract for the Seattle Mariners. He has made a fortune from it.

Alex Rodriguez, a former baseball player, has now diversified into a number of businesses including real estate and technology companies. The CEO of A-Rod Corp. has made notable investments in companies including Snapchat, Wave, and Vita Coco. Former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez has been a Shark Tank shark several times. With more than $350 million in his bank account, Alex Rodriguez is a proven entrepreneur. But is he the right fit for the show’s production?

The Sharks evaluated a number of new businesses, including Ice Shakers. Gronkowskis and Rodriguez pitch a product that keeps protein shakes cold for 30 hours. A-Rod and Cuban each invested $150,000 for a 15 percent stake. Alex said that he feels like a Gronkowski family member because the deal was a success. He’s an entrepreneur so why not take the chance.

On “Shark Tank,” Alex Rodriguez became the first Hispanic Shark and pitched his product. The show also featured the product pitches of the five Gronkowski brothers. Although some were skeptical about his product, all five of the brothers pitched their product on Shark Tank. And while there’s no denying that all five brothers are baseball players, they have found a business partner on Shark Tank. It’s worked! If you’re wondering, what is a better deal than partnering with two sharks?

Surprise! A-Rod made a Shark Tank appearance. The former Major League Baseball player is a popular guest on the show. He’ll have access to some of the Sharks, including Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson, Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel, and Vitaminwater CEO Rohan Oza. All of these entrepreneurs have something in common. Who knows, A-Rod’s Shark Tank appearance might be a memorable one on television.

Alex Rodriguez – The First Hispanic Shark on “Shark Tank”
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