Are SouthWind Boats Still in Business?

Are SouthWind boats still in business? The answer to this question may surprise you. They are well-known for their deep-V hulls, which make them excellent for cruising in rough waters. In addition to this, they are constructed with care, using materials like composite wood that are both durable and easy to maintain. Their engines are also made with 4 stroke outboards, which are both economical and reliable, and have the ability to stand up to saltwater.

Today, SouthWind makes a full line of deck boats including the SportDeck and CrossDeck models, which come with flexible platforms for fishing, swimming, and even snorkeling. The company was founded in 1986 by the Seminole Marine Group, a family-owned independent boatbuilding company. In 1972, the group’s founder, Doyle Heckaman, began making boat patterns and fiberglassing everything possible.

SouthWind boats are available in a variety of styles and types, with different sizes and features to meet the needs of different users. These boats are perfect for fishing, tubing, and water skiing. These vessels can be powered by outboards or by gas, and they are equipped with stainless steel hardware. Some of the more popular models are called utes. These narrowboats are great for fishing, but they are not built for touring the Caribbean.

SouthWind boats are ideal for cruising, fishing, or boating on the river. They come in several types and designs. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a range of options, and the quality of the boat you choose will match your needs. The majority of SouthWind boat models are suited for water sports, with outboards or 4-S propulsion. Some models also come with gas fuel systems and gas tanks.

The SouthWind boat range includes a variety of styles. There are two types of hybrid deck boats. These boats sit higher in the water, making them more comfortable to use in Florida. The hardware on these models is mounted on the liner, whereas in Hurricanes, the hardware is mounted on the plywood and is hard to reach. The only downside is that they are not very comfortable to use. This makes them unsuitable for fishing in Florida.

SouthWind boats are an ideal choice for those looking for a boat with a wide beam and spacious decks. They are popular for their deck models with medium depth draft and average beams. They are also suitable for fishing. If you want to own a boat, consider the SouthWind hybrid model. It features a hybrid deck with removable and adjustable platform. The Seminole Marine Group is a family-owned, independent company founded in 1986. Incorporated in Georgia, the company has been building offshore fish boats since 1982.

The SouthWind range of boats includes a wide range of designs for all types of watercraft. They are designed to be used for recreational activities, including fishing and boating. The SouthWind utes have a medium depth draft and an average beam, making them ideal for navigating the waterways. Whether you plan on spending your holiday in the waters of Florida or heading to a remote location, the range of SouthWind boats is sure to please.

The Southwind 340 is one of the most popular models in the range of the company. It is a sleek fibreglass boat with a wide deck cap, which is ideal for fishing in Florida. The hulls are made from composite material with the hardware mounted to the liner. Its deck is rounded, with a compass and twin throttles. The radios are mounted overhead, and it is mandatory to have a stainless steel T-top on the 340.

The Southwind 770 is an excellent choice for those who want a hybrid between a deck boat and a runabout. These two types are similar in size, but the latter has better performance and a larger deck. The 770 is also a hybrid pontoon, meaning it can handle both work and play, and has twin 265-litre tanks. Its name refers to a hybrid boat, and it has a dual hull.

Are SouthWind Boats Still in Business?
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