Are You Eligible for Breast Reduction Surgery? 

Breast Issues

People are aware of their bodies and body shape, doing all they can to get an ideal body shape. They follow an intense workout routine, and some choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to correct their body shape. Sometimes cosmetic surgery is performed to resolve some health issues.

Breast reduction is one of the cosmetic surgeries people are highly opting to undergo. It is a surgical procedure to reshape the breasts to reduce their size. A breast reduction Houston removes excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue in order to reduce breast size. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery guides patients through the consultation, surgery, post-surgery, and recovery period. 

The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery uses advanced technologies and research for the procedure. They provide their patients with an exceptionally caring environment in order to achieve the best results. While people may understand the surgical procedure, they may have many questions about it. It is hard for people to understand why and when they should consider breast reduction. 

Many with large breasts do not realize that a breast reduction surgery can benefit them. The decision to undergo breast reduction surgery is still a difficult decision. 

Who are candidates for breast reduction?

You may consider breast reduction because of the dissatisfaction with your heavy and large breasts, the physical discomfort you experience, and how your condition is affecting your life in a negative way. Your breast reduction Houston doctor can help you decide whether you are a candidate for breast reduction. 

The guidelines for a breast reduction may include:

  • The size is disproportionate with the rest of your body
  • Discomfort, back issues, and other health issues because of your large breasts
  • Your bra with wide straps is not supporting your breasts
  • Your physical therapy, for a minimum of six months, did not provide relief
  • You find it difficult to find perfect clothes or brassiere.
  • You have shoulder markers from bra straps and rashes under your breasts

Who cannot choose breast reduction?

People who are not eligible for breast reduction are the ones who are breastfeeding, have recently stopped breastfeeding, or are pregnant. People with undiagnosed breast conditions or abnormal mammograms are not a candidate for breast reduction. You cannot have a breast reduction if you have a clotting disorder or a history of poor wound healing. If you are severely obese, smoke, or have a severe infection or illness, you need to reconsider a breast reduction surgery. 

If you are eligible for surgery and decide to have it, you may wonder about the recovery process and duration. You will feel tired and sore for a few days after the surgery. The healing time depends on various aspects, such as how long your surgery was and the size of your scar. Recovery time also depends on how much tissue your doctor has removed. 

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Are You Eligible for Breast Reduction Surgery? 

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