Avoid Jail Time By Choosing Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds

Whether you live in Sacramento or Roseville, the long arm of the law reaches far and wide. Often, one is not aware of what exactly is illegal in certain jurisdictions. No matter what, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. In the unfortunate situation of an arrest, you will be required to pay a monetary bail to walk free before trial or else face jail time of a few weeks to a few months. Under such circumstances, here is what you should do:

1. Don’t Take the Law into Your Own Hands:

Follow all procedures required for police custody to obtain bail smoothly later on. Avoid engaging in an altercation with the police, as it may increase the bail amount. Further, do not speak and exercise your right to silence in the absence of a lawyer. It is not wise to rely on any outside information without consulting an attorney about your legal rights.

2. Choose Bail, Not Jail:

No one can foresee an arrest; therefore, it is unlikely that one has bail money saved up. In a crisis like this, you need a reputable bail bondsman to get out of jail. All it costs is just a few hundred dollars and faith in the bailing process to escape the clutches of prison. If you are in California, you may find a Sacramento bail bondsman to help you get a fast bail.

3. Avoid Social Stigma:

Don’t pay for a mistake for the rest of your life. In California using your fingerprints or other identifying information, a potential or current employer can access your “RAP” (Record of Arrest and Prosecution) sheet. Your arrest record will show up on a criminal background check.

4. Disadvantages in Professional Opportunities:

A quick bail ensures you have sufficient time to prepare for the trial and prove your innocence to avoid conviction. Once you avoid conviction, the arrest record can be expunged by a judge or court. California law allows those not convicted to have their arrest records sealed and destroyed automatically. In order to ensure your records are cleared, here is how you can obtain your RAP sheet:

  • Contact your defense attorney. However, if you were arrested a long time ago, your attorney’s copy may be outdated.
  • To get a current copy of your RAP sheet, you need to send a request to the California Department of Justice, including a completed application with Live Scan fingerprint as proof of identity and payment of a $25 processing fee.
  • For an FBI rap sheet, submit a written request to the agency’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division. This request must include fingerprints and payment of an $18 processing fee.

5. Appear for The Trial:

At this stage, the charges may be dismissed, or you will be acquitted (found not guilty) of the crime. Following this, you can submit a petition to seal arrest as you were not convicted.

Ensure that your loved one doesn’t suffer for the rest of their life for a careless mistake. Contact bail bonds businesses now and secure their future.

Avoid Jail Time By Choosing Bail Bonds

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