How to Decorate Your Apartment With Baroque Furniture

Baroque Furniture

Baroque furniture and interior design is a popular style around the world. Initially, an artistic movement was begun by the Catholic Church, the artwork caught on quickly. 

Because Baroque’s entire goal is to bring out emotions in the viewer, this art style captivated everyone, Catholic or not. It was naturally sophisticated and regal, designed with breathtaking and unusual elements. Then, people only saw Baroque artwork and furniture pieces in the wealthiest homes and royal castles.

Now, Baroque works are everywhere, with unique nuances depending on the country of origin.

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If you’re shopping for furniture to decorate your apartment, though, you can easily spot a Baroque piece. It’s often elaborate and ornamental, yet symmetrical and balanced.

If Baroque is the theme you want to create in your apartment, keep these tips in mind as you shop for your new style.

1. Get to Know the Baroque Characteristics

If you aren’t already a Baroque expert, you should brush up on the characteristics that make this type of art stand out from the rest. Because it’s such a popular style, lots of manufacturers have copied “pieces” of it and labeled their products “Baroque.” 

Just because they’ve copied Baroque’s characteristics, that doesn’t make them Baroque! You want the real deal, not a pseudo-style.

As you’re shopping, look for furniture that is very detailed but elegant. Baroque is ornate but not over-the-top. 

Some of the most common characteristics that separate this style from other artistic mediums include:

  • Balance and harmony in all the elements
  • Symmetry on both sides of the furniture piece
  • Curvy features, like twisted columns
  • Pedestal feet or heavy molding
  • Exotic or elegant woods, such as mahogany, walnut, and chestnut

Baroque furniture combines elaborate symmetrical designs and elegant materials.

2. Choose Colors and Patterns

Because Baroque can be quite opulent, sticking with one pattern per room is crucial.

The colors that characterize this style are usually rich and luxurious. They don’t need a lot of repetition or forced attention to be the focal point in an area.

You’re designing a glamorous room, so go with royal colors and sumptuous textures. Since Baroque style is showy and indulges in comforts, go with it!

You can combine your colors in pairs that create an intense and dramatic final look. 

Some of the most popular Baroque combinations include:

  • Deep red and gold (often with brass ornaments and tassels)
  • Royal or navy blue and silver
  • Deep black and ivory
  • Jade or olive green and cream or mother of pearl whites

Baroque styles won’t include neons or other vivid colors. You wouldn’t find traditional royalty using those shades!

3. Start With a Focus Piece

Baroque Furniture

If you’re on a time or money crunch, the easiest way to bring Baroque features into your home is with a focus piece. It’s much better to stick with one glamorous element at a time than to sacrifice quality. 

A focus piece draws the eye to it as soon as you walk into the room. It doesn’t have to be furniture, but with Baroque, it’s an easy option.

Baroque furniture usually has luxurious upholstery made of silk, damask, or velvet fabrics. It’s often lacquered and gilded for shine, with sophisticated carvings and curved, oversized legs and arms. 

All of these particular features combine to create one sumptuous piece of furniture you can’t ignore!

Example focal pieces for your Baroque-inspired room include:

Baroque furniture can be antique or modern-made. The older, more vintage the piece, the higher price you can expect to pay. However, those antique pieces comprise the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship.

4. Add in Some Accessories

Baroque-inspired accessories are also opulent and splendorous. It doesn’t take many to create the theme you want. In fact, too many accessories can overpower the room entirely.

Use the colors you chose to spruce up an area with a few finishing touches, like:

Remember to keep your patterns simple and your colors strictly to the regal theme you chose. Accessories can be tricky since they have to match closely. And, they’re fun to buy!

5. Adjust Your Lighting

The furniture in a room with Baroque elements is shimmering and lustrous. To encourage this feature, consider how you use the LED lighting in your room. For example, could house a tropical fish tank, which would really be an amazing setting. To enhance the look of the fish tank you can add live aquarium plants and led aquarium light with the color of your choice.

Yes, even your lighting can benefit from a Baroque touch. 

Sconces are a massive part of Baroque lighting. You can use these the same way you’d use a bedside lamp. Hang a sconce that matches your furniture over your nightstand in easy reach.

In your living room or dining room, Baroque style dictates you hang a chandelier as your light source. It can be as fancy and elaborate as you’d like, as long as it has the characteristics of the Baroque style.

Finally, for that piece de resistance, don’t forget the candlesticks! 

Royal castles didn’t have electricity during the start of the Baroque period. People relied on flamboyant candlesticks instead. You don’t have to light your candelabras, but they will surely decorate the room.

Baroque Furniture


Easily one of the most interesting decorating styles, the Baroque design is a fun yet elegant way to design your room. 

If you’re looking for an interior style that’s guaranteed to make an impression and you love sophisticated luxury, use these tips to go Baroque!

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How to Decorate Your Apartment With Baroque Furniture

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