Benefits of a Sharepoint Migration Service

Sharepoint Migration

According to Microsoft, more than 250,000 organizations use SharePoint. Chances are, your organization is one of them.

If your company is stuck using an old version of SharePoint, it may be time for a SharePoint migration. Thinking about all the intricacies of a SharePoint migration can be daunting, but don’t worry! Keep reading to learn how a service provider could help your organization with a migration.

What Is SharePoint Migration?

SharePoint migration is a process that includes moving existing content into a new or existing SharePoint environment. This means moving content from sources like a file share, Google Drive, or SharePoint Server to any version of SharePoint.

One of the main reasons that companies opt for SharePoint migration is to reap the benefits that SharePoint offers. Depending on the version your company chooses, there are various features and tools to leverage.

SharePoint Migration Options

There are two main options when it comes to choosing the type of SharePoint for your organization. You should choose the one that best fits your company’s needs and budget.

SharePoint On-Premises

With this option, your company data sits inside your company. This is great for any company with a very high-risk aversion or that is especially worried about data breaches. You’ll need a physical server, hardware infrastructure, and dedicated staff to support maintenance.

On-Premises offers your company the ability to customize based on your specific needs. This version of SharePoint requires a bit more effort to get the same look and feel like the online version and has limited features. There is no option to use home sites, hub sites, or SharePoint Spaces.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based solution. It offers benefits like easy access, easy maintenance, and significant cost savings. Using this version means you don’t need to maintain infrastructure hardware or maintenance staff. You also don’t have to spend precious time on upgrades.

SharePoint Online has limited customization compared to the On-Premises version. While it has a low upfront cost, there is a monthly subscription fee.

Benefits of SharePoint Migration Services

It’s possible for your organization to handle its own SharePoint migration, but life is easier with SharePoint migration services. There are migration tools and manual migration approaches that can help with your content migration. but migrating custom-developed solutions is more complicated.

One of the biggest reasons to use SharePoint migration services is custom solutions migration. This type of migration requires diligent planning and a high level of technical expertise. Using SharePoint migration services gives you peace of mind that important information won’t get lost during the migration process.

Often, in-house migration can turn into a secondary activity for the developers. If it’s not treated as a priority, it will make the migration window much longer. This means that the business isn’t getting the full benefit of SharePoint for a long time. With SharePoint migration services, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Your developer resources can focus on mission-critical tasks.

Using SharePoint migration services will make your migration a much smoother process. If you’re looking for more information, you can get to know more here about SharePoint migration services.

Ready to Get Your SharePoint Migration Started?

Now that you know what SharePoint migration is, are you ready to make an upgrade? Using a SharePoint migration service is a great way to quickly and reliably update your SharePoint. It’ll give your company better tools to collaborate and drive productivity.

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Benefits of a Sharepoint Migration Service

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