Benefits Of Call Transcriptions & Which Tools To Use

Benefits of Call Transcriptions & Which Tools to Use

The new norm for business conversations has shifted to phone calls and Zoom meetings. These have resulted in businesses having numerous recordings for referencing and using this information to improve their daily activities. Call transcriptions and recordings have become increasingly popular as more businesses aim to improve customer service experiences. 
Sorting call recordings and pulling out the relevant information can be daunting and time-consuming. Some tools can help you review conversations and get recorded data and quotes. These tools help business leaders understand how their staff performs. Here are some of the top benefits of call transcriptions and tools you can use to transcribe phone calls and recordings to text.

Benefits Of Call Transcription

Below are some benefits of call transcriptions for your business.


In some legal situations, companies must comply with the law by having call recordings and transcriptions. For the health and security purposes of your business, you need to be well-prepared. Call recordings and transcriptions can provide concrete evidence of conversations between the two parties.
It is important to know that the legality of call transcriptions and recording differ by state and country. Hence, your business must abide by your local laws when recording and transcribing calls and recordings to text.

Keeps Records Of All Customer Conversations

Call transcriptions are records of conversations between your business and other parties, which you can keep and reference when the need arises. Having records of these conversations, you can help customers pick up from the last place that the conversation ended and help solve their problem. It can help you learn more about your audience, share records with other team members and measure how effectively these conversations improve customer experience.

Training Purposes

Call transcriptions can be used in the hiring process and shared among the representatives. They provide great example scripts through which representatives could accept or decline customers while providing support. After-call transcriptions help agents to give conversational insights regarding different levels of engagement, use of certain keywords, politeness, and trends of progress geared towards your goals.

Customer Assist

Customer satisfaction is important for any business, and call transcriptions are important when enhancing this experience. Businesses can share texts from call transcriptions with their customers allowing them to have a record of what they discussed. When you share this information with your customers through email or a dedicated mobile app, they can give their insights on the areas you need to improve to increase customer satisfaction and experience.

Call Transcription Software

With many call transcription softwares, they help to transcribe call recordings to text. Below are four tools to get you started transcribing your call recordings to text.

– Wingman

Wingman automatically transcribes meetings and calls by using AI. This intelligence platform analyzes call recordings and transcriptions, providing insights into what customers expect and what they need from you.

– Jiminny

Jiminny is a call transcribing tool powered by AI and is ideal for remote teams. It automatically transcribes, records, analyzes calls and meetings and transcribes videos and audios. This tool automatically sends text transcripts to the cloud for analysis and easy access.


This tool uses artificial intelligence to help transcribe, record and go through your voice conversations. transcribes your conversations, including past audio files and live meetings. After getting a transcript, you can mark certain points in the call, comment, scan keywords and share it with the team members.

– Otter can be used for meetings, lectures, and interviews because this software transcribes voice meetings to text. This tool can transcribe conversations, videos, and podcasts and be paired with any recording or transcription with meeting highlights and notes. Otter features a real-time transcription tool that helps add captions to live meetings and conferences. 


Call transcriptions benefit businesses, and there are various tools they can use to transcribe calls to text. These benefits help you improve support and effectively customers regularly. With numerous phone transcription services in the market, finding the best provider to meet your call transcription needs and give you quality services is essential.

Benefits Of Call Transcriptions & Which Tools To Use

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