What Are the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Trucking Companies?

GPS fleet tracking

Launching and managing a successful trucking company in today’s competitive market is not an easy process. Managing a truck fleet is more challenging due to the mobile nature of the trucks. Not knowing where your drivers are at all times can make cargo coordination, fleet optimization, and fuel cost minimization quite challenging.

For this reason, most trucking companies use GPS fleet tracking to manage their trucks. The GPS tracking systems keep trucks visible on the road and drivers more productive. Below are some of the essential benefits of GPS fleet tracking for trucking companies:

1. Improves Safety

The benefits of GPS tracking are priceless for any trucking company. One of the most significant advantages is it optimizes the safety of your cargo and the truck. A driver will be more careful and cautious when handling the truck because they know there is GPS tracking on the vehicle. Fleet managers will also know where the truck is at all times, whether it has broken down or requires assistance.

Today, there are increased cases of road accidents and vehicle carjacking. Sometimes, your driver may be alone in an accident with nobody to help them. In cases where there is an emergency or accident in a remote area, the fleet manager will know exactly where to send assistance to help the driver.

Some advanced GPS systems may also alert relevant authorities of the accident to facilitate faster emergency response.

2. It Minimizes Fuel Costs

Nobody can control the fuel prices in their state. However, one of the benefits of a GPS tracking system for trucking companies is keeping an eye on the truck’s fuel consumption. Through monitoring, you will reduce the amount of money spent on fuel by getting rid of driver speeding, vehicle idling, and unauthorized vehicle usage. By using compare fuel cards, you can select the best fuel one.

Monitoring also gives the managers the freedom and ability to optimize the driving routes. This way, drivers will use the shortest or most effective route to avoid traffic or road hazards.

3. Allows for Easier Theft Recovery

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your vehicle were stolen? For trucking companies, a GPS is the best tool in case of theft.

The system will notify the relevant parties that the vehicle has been stolen and its live location. Once notified, you can call the authorities to enable a quick vehicle recovery. Now and then, thieves tend to try and steal trucks, especially if you are transporting high-value items.

Fortunately, finding your car after it has been stolen is easier and more effective if you have GPS tracking. If you are using more advanced tracking systems, you can even remotely switch off the car to ensure it slows down or completely stops while the thieves are operating it.

4. Reduced Paperwork

Everyone hates handling paperwork. It’s also quite hectic sorting through a mountain of paperwork looking for receipts or driver logs to confirm if specific drivers did their jobs. However, by using a GPS tracking system, your company can do away with tracking paperwork.

The drivers, fleet manager, and dispatchers can log any details on the system, and it will be automatically stored for future reference. You can also produce reports using the GPS in a user-friendly and easy-to-read form. You can do this at an affordable price as GPS fleet tracking cost is quite affordable.

5. Enhances the Sales and Distribution Operations

The GPS tracking system will help you keep an eye on the outdoors sales and distribution employees and enhance their operations. The analytics and reporting you get from the GPS may help improve your sales and distribution team’s efficiency and performance. Additionally, you can also look for effective ways to save time and plan employees’ duties to help them better optimize their overall performance.

6. Increases Employee Productivity

When working without supervision, it’s easier for employees to lag and use their time on other things that are not related to the task at hand. Truck drivers are also the same. Your driver may decide to take a detour and pass through a friend’s place on their way to deliver cargo.

However, thanks to GPS vehicle tracking systems, fleet managers can track the driver’s working hours. This way, the drivers will utilize their time better when working. The system will keep a record of what your driver is doing and where they are at all times, giving your fleet managers real-time insights into how they are utilizing their time.

7. Helps You Reduce Maintenance Costs

Today, the best GPS tracking systems are equipped with telematics. This telematics includes engine temperature indicators, fuel level gauges, and vehicle diagnostics. You can use these features to keep an eye on essential aspects such as the overall health of your truck and the engine oil level.

This way, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars taking your vehicle to the mechanic for a routine checkup. All you need is the telemetry data to help you ascertain whether inspections are needed.

The telematics features an advanced GPS that will alert you if something in the vehicle needs to be inspected by the mechanic. This reduces the amount of money you would otherwise use on the maintenance cost of your fleet.

8. Helps You to Be More Competitive

GPS offers streamlined business functions for trucking companies. Well-streamlined business functions offer you a competitive advantage over your competition. That’s because you will serve customers better, increase driver efficiency, reduce fuel costs and keep your employees focused.

Are You Ready to Implement GPS Fleet Tracking?

The benefits that GPS fleet tracking offers to companies are endless. You can better understand how your employees are performing and implement better ways to manage different workloads when working with a comprehensive fleet management tracking system.

GPS fleet tracking allows you to save money on fuel, ensure driver and cargo safety, increase productivity and enhance performance. All these benefits ensure that your business operations are smooth and your customer satisfaction rate is high.

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What Are the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Trucking Companies?

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