Opinion Writing Prompts For Students

Opinion Writing Prompts

Have you been asked to write an opinion essay for class? When given such an open-ended task, many find it difficult to begin. Where should you even start? Here are some opinion writing prompts that will help you come up with the perfect opinion essay, no matter which class you need it for.  Remember, the goal of an opinion essay is to put your point across, and convince the reader of your argument. Pick a prompt that you feel you can do this with. 

When should kids start driving?

This is one of the more popular opinion writing prompts out there, with good reason. Consider when kids are allowed to drive in your state. Is that too old, or too young? Do you feel that it’s actually just the right age? 

Does technology make us lonely?

Tech like smartphones allows us to be in touch with each other all the time. However, there have been many studies that show it actually exacerbates feelings of loneliness. Do you feel that technology actually isolates us from each other?

Why do we watch so many reality shows?

Reality shows have exploded in popularity since the early 2000s, and you’ll find them mentioned in many opinion writing prompts nowadays. What is it about them that makes them so much fun to watch? Are they a type of show that you enjoy? Why is that?

Do you keep a journal?

Many people like to keep journals, to note down their feelings and understand their own emotions. Is that something you like to do? If so, what do you get out of it? If not, why don’t you like keeping a journal?

Should students be able to grade their teachers?

Your teacher grades you all the time, so should you be able to turn it around and grade them? Would that be helpful, or is there a reason why teachers have the grading power in your school?

When do you become an adult?

Usually, you’re considered an adult as soon as you turn 18. However, is that really when you become a grown-up? What is it that shows that you’re an adult now?

Is it ethical to eat meat?

This is one of the opinion writing prompts that everyone will have an opinion on. In this day and age, where people are trying to be more ethical, is it really right to eat meat? Should you be looking for alternatives?

Can money buy happiness?

Again, this is something that many young people will have an opinion on. You’ll have heard this saying from the adults around you, but is it really true? What kind of happiness can money buy?

Why read your favourite book?

Imagine you have a friend that doesn’t want to read your favourite book, as they’re convinced that they’ll just hate it. Write an argument that convinces them to give it a shot.

Should teens date long term?

When teenagers enter a relationship, should they be in it for the long term? Is it healthy for them to do so, or should they be exploring other options while they’re still young? Why or why not?

Can you separate art from the artist?

In this current climate, there are plenty of artists out there that have revealed they have less than savoury views. If you’re a fan of their work, can you enjoy their art without supporting the artist?

What words do you hate?

There are very likely some words that you just can’t stand to hear. What words do you hate hearing, and why is that?

Should the school day start later?

As a student, you’ll probably have strong opinions on this subject. Should students be able to come to school later? Would your opinion be the same if that meant you had to stay later in the day?

Does online learning work as well as in-person learning?

Right now, you’ll have plenty of experience with online learning. How does it compare with in-person teaching? Do you think that online learning could replace it, or is it missing something?

Why should you kick that bad habit?

There’s probably something you do that you wish you didn’t. Maybe you have a bad habit of procrastinating on writing papers, or you always hit snooze in the morning and make yourself late. Why should you kick that habit?

Is it ethical to keep animals in zoos?

While many zoos are aiming to become more ethical in keeping animals, is the idea of a zoo ethical at all? Is there any way where zoos can exist and be totally ethical, or should all animals be in the wild?

Are video games a positive or negative influence?

Here’s another one of those opinions writing prompts that everyone has an opinion on. You’ve heard plenty about how video games are a negative influence. Is that really true, or are video games more positive than you’d realise?

What is the best invention ever made?

What invention could you not live without? Is there something that you consider essential to your life?

Should plastic bags be outlawed?

Many countries have eliminated plastic bags from stores, or charge shoppers for a bag when they need one. Should that happen in your country?

What should your school change?

If you were able to change one thing about your school, what would it be? Would it be a behavioural issue like bullying or a practical issue like the dress code? What do you think needs to change?

Is Valentine’s Day worth celebrating?

Is the holiday something fun that everyone can enjoy, or is it simply a cynical corporate cash grab?

Should you respect your elders?

You’ll have heard the phrase ‘respect your elders, but should you respect someone just because they’re older than you? Instead, should respect be earned?

With this list of opinion writing prompts, you’ll find something that you’ll have a strong opinion on. Get writing, and create a piece that convinces the reader of your position. Why should they agree with you on your subject? If you can argue effectively, you’ll be sure to get a good grade. 

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Opinion Writing Prompts For Students

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