Benjamin Graham fortune

Benjamin Graham was a UK-born American economist, professor, and investor. Widely known as the “Father of Value Investing,” he wrote two of the founding texts on neoclassical investing: Security Analysis (1934) with David Dodd and The Intelligent Investor (1949). How rich is Benjamin Graham?

Economist. Born on May 9, 1894 in London, United Kingdom. Benjamin Graham fortune is estimated at around 3 million euros. His investment philosophy emphasized investor psychology, minimal leverage, buy and hold investing, fundamental analysis, focused diversification, buying within the margin of safety, activist investing, and contrary mindsets.

Bourgeois name: Benjamin Graham
Parents: Isaac M. Grossbaum, Dora Grossbaum
Benjamin Graham size: 1.75 m
Nationality: American
His career began: 1920-1976

What is Benjamin Graham’s net worth?
Benjamin Graham’s net worth is currently € 3 million.

Books: The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, The Interpretation of Financial Statements.
Training: Boys High School, Columbia University
Is also often searched for: Charles Munger, Philip Fisher, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch.

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Benjamin Graham fortune

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