Benjamin John

Benjamin John is a Senior Junior at the University of Colorado Boulder and a Civil Engineer at the University of Colorado Boulder

Benjamin is an experienced senior junior who has represented clients from various geographic regions including Africa, Middle East and Europe in high value fraud proceedings.

John Benjamin was an urologist, surgeon, scientist, teacher and collector of rare books in the history of science and medicine who amassed an extensive library. A generous benefactor himself, John was loved by all.

Early Life and Education

Ben was an accomplished athlete, enjoying trail running, mountain biking and photography as hobbies. In his free time he taught biology and zoology to children and teenagers in his local area. With an affinity for nature he earned both a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies at University of Colorado Boulder as well as an MASTER’S of Science from Antioch University New England.

Benjamin Johns has become known as a pianist, collaborative musician, chamber music artist, coach/accompanist for opera and musical theater as well as appearing with Chanticleer and conducting ensembles such as Los Angeles Master Chorale Chorusle Sonoma Bach Men in Blaque and Seraphic Fire Chorale Choirs.

He loved Notre Dame football, entertaining family and friends with delicious meals and fierce rounds of Jeopardy!.

Professional Career

Benjamin is an internationally acclaimed structural engineer who has collaborated on projects across the globe. His signature approach combines aesthetics, functionality and high-quality detailing into one holistic design approach; additionally, his specialty lies in complex forms with expressive structures.

His professional achievements as both clinician and researcher are widely documented, as are his activities as book collector and benefactor. His papers contain numerous manuscripts and drafts as well as translations, 35 mm slides, lantern slides, x-rays and photographs he collected during his lifetime.

He has long championed girls’ education, founding the Restoration of Hope Initiative (ROHI) in 2015. ROHI advocates on behalf of Adamawa and Borno states for adoption of the Safe Schools Declaration which prevents armed forces from using schools as bases and protects students, teachers and school property during times of armed conflict.

Achievement and Honors

Ben was a member of SADD club during high school and loved rock and roll music. Additionally, he took guitar lessons as well as participating in track and field and diving activities. Furthermore, he enjoyed spending time with his friends and had an optimistic view on life.

He takes great pleasure in developing maps using creative cartographic methods and writing research with an emphasis on ethnography. Additionally, he is trained as a musician, playing keyboard, bass guitar, ukelele and acoustic guitar among other instruments.

He has participated in various leadership committees and advisory boards at both state and county levels, taking great pride in upholding high ethical and professional standards. Currently he serves as Regional Executive Director for RCA Trenton & Woodbridge Healthcare Clinics.

Personal Life

Ben is an accomplished writer. His screenplays span an array of subjects and have been seen on popular shows like CSI: Las Vegas and Law & Order, the stage and two short films he created; Jolly Good Fellow and A Moron A Loser were selected as official selections at both Cardiff Film Festival in Wales and The Other Venice Film Festival in California.

John was known for being generous both personally and publicly; raising funds (some of it himself) to bring refugee children from Europe to Australia. He lived at Ardendraught in Point Piper.

He was an adventurous individual who delighted in exploring new places while spending quality time with family and friends. At home anywhere he went, he brought smiles and laughter wherever he went – always leaving everyone around him smiling with joyous anticipation for what lay ahead.

Net Worth

Ben has amassed significant wealth through endorsements and tournament wins, as well as his notable pickleball skills and personality that has brought greater awareness of this sport.

He is an immensely gifted musician who has collaborated with renowned artists over time, most notably Radish. Additionally, he has released several solo albums under his name.

His body is strong and athletic, standing at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). He features hazel eyes and brown hair with hazel coloured contacts and over 26K followers on Instagram alone – engaging actively with fans over time on all platforms!

Benjamin John
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