Summer Fun: The Very Best Drinks for Your BBQ This Season

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As the world begins to return to normal and the weather gets warmer, the whole country is looking forward to the upcoming summer social season. Pool parties, picnics, and BBQs are the order of the day, all requiring their own specific dress code and menu.

When it comes to a BBQ, the food part is easy. Plenty of burgers and franks, and a couple of delicious side salads, and you’re good to go! But what about drinks?

For younger guests, lemonade and ice tea are always popular, but the adults will likely want something stronger. These classic BBQ drinks are the perfect thing to inspire the perfect summer party filled with just the right amount of fun. Read on for a few of our favorite summer cocktails.


Hailing from Brazil, but now popular the world over, caipirinhas’ tangy and refreshing taste makes them the perfect BBQ cocktails. They’re also very easy to make, containing only a few simple ingredients.

All you’ll need is a good quality cachaça, sugar, and some fresh lime juice. You can also add in whatever other flavors—watermelon, cucumber, coconut—you like.

Strawberry Piña Coladas

The piña colada is, of course, a classic vacation drink. It’s fun, festive, and tropical. The ingredients here are coconut milk, rum, pineapple juice, and blended frozen strawberries.

The strawberries here adds a fun twist—of taste and color. Just be sure not to spill any on your shoes (you can add that to these reasons to wear flip flops instead of shoes to your next BBQ).


Another drink you wouldn’t want to spill on your light-colored clothing, sangria is perfect for BBQs. It’s pretty much an alcoholic fruit punch that you can freestyle with whatever you’ve got in the house. Typical ingredients include red wine, sugar, fruit juice, brandy, and fresh fruit for decoration.

Mix all the ingredients up in a large glass bowl or jug. Then leave for several hours for the fruits to infuse with the mixture and enjoy.

Pimms Punch

Pimms may be more popular on the other side of the pond than it is in the US, but it does make an exceptionally refreshing summer drink. The main ingredient should be available in all larger liquor stores and supermarkets. Other things to include are: lemonade, mint, cucumber, and whatever fresh fruit you like.

The Ultimate BBQ Drinks for the Summer Social Season

Of course, this represents just a small selection of the amazing BBQ drinks you might choose to serve at your soiree. Margaritas, sex on the beach, gin and tonic, and Mint Juleps all get honorable mentions. We can’t forget, of course, the enduring appeal of a crisp cold bottle of beer on a warm summer’s day.

Ultimately, it’s your BBQ, your rules. Serve whatever drinks you wish, and be sure to remember something for the teetotalers and designated drivers, as well. If you’ve found this guide insightful, don’t forget to take a look at the rest of our content.

Summer Fun: The Very Best Drinks for Your BBQ This Season

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