Best On Demand TV Streaming Services in 2020

Best On Demand TV Streaming Services

The pandemic has been hard on most people, but there is a section of people who haven’t been affected a lot -the binge-watchers. They indeed would have spent their time exploring the online streaming services and binge-watching web series. The streaming sites and applications are not just a boon to the binge-watchers, but also many others.

They serve as a comfort after a hard week at work. There are series coming every week to help this need of people, and the number of streaming services is increasing too. We have sorted the best streaming service providers for our audience to brief them about all that these services provide.

Best Streaming Service

This section has a brief of all the popular streaming services in India. Go through the next few paragraphs to find your best streaming companion. The following is our list of best streaming platforms:

1) Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly the best streaming service available on the online platform. It releases some very impressive series and movies every month. The user interface of Netflix has a unique beauty to it, and it gives a relaxing experience to the watcher. Netflix is an American platform, but it has branches worldwide to provide fantastic content to natives of a region.

Netflix is so popular that it hosts over 190 million paid subscribers around the world. Netflix offers plans starting from as less as Rs. 199/ month for mobile streaming and Rs. 499/ month for TV and computer streaming.

2) HBO

HBO is home to Game of Thrones and many other amazing TV series. The list of best streaming services will always be incomplete without HBO. It is best known for releasing fantastic documentaries for the curious population. HBO Now has over five million subscribers, and it comes with most devices, including Samsung TVs and Apple TV. The subscription to HBO begins at 14.99 US dollars per month.

3) Disney Plus

Launched in 2019, Disney+ has provided some fantastic movies and shows to catch up with other popular streaming services. The Star Wars and the Mandalorian being its best shows, it has a lot to offer to the users.

It is available in India as Disney+ Hotstar, providing special offers for cricket and IPL fans. Hotstar is also home to many amazing TV shows and provides an affordable all in one pack for families. The subscription for Disney plus is relatively cheaper in India for a price of Rs. 299/ month or Rs. 1499/ year.

4) Voot

Launched in 2016 for Indian users, Voot is available as an iOS app, android app, KaiOS app, and a website for desktop. You can also download the Voot app on your pc with help of third-party services. Voot is available in many mainstream Indian languages and has 100 million monthly active users.

It started as a free streaming service, but now it charges Rs. 99 INR/month or Rs. 999 INR/year from its users. It is available only in India and hosts many TV shows, most times a day earlier than they broadcast on the TV. Voot also releases original series content for its users, and Asur was a recent original web series that gained a lot of popularity.

5) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most extensive streaming services worldwide, with 150 million paid users. It is home to many popular original series, movies, and documentaries, with availability as an app for all devices and online streaming for desktop users.  A user who has subscribed to Amazon Prime can never be out of content. Prime Video provides a 30 day free trial to its users, and its subscription starts at just Rs. 129/ month.

6) Sling TV

Sling TV is an American streaming service owned by the Dish network. It offers free as well as paid services and serves over 200 channels to millions of users worldwide. Sling TV provides blue and orange subscription plans for various tastes of the users. It has a large number of TV channels for a comparatively low price. The subscription plans of Sling TV starting from 30 US dollars per month. However, if you choose to buy both the blue and the orange plan, you get a hefty discount of $15.


Streaming movies and Web series has become a popular hobby to many around the world. People can enjoy a variety of stuff sometimes with their families, sometimes with their colleagues, sometimes with their partner or other times alone. The above list has all the popular streaming services that the users can choose and explore.

All services have different tastes and prices attached to them. You can also select different platforms based on whether you want to watch TV channels or other releases. You should Google to find out their popular originals and content because it will help you choose the best services for you. We hope that this article was of great help to you. Have a great time streaming!

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Best On Demand TV Streaming Services in 2020

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