The Top 5 Best Vending Machine Locations

best vending machine locations

Vending machines are rapidly booming as a means of increased profit and passive income for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. However, it isn’t always easy to find the best vending machine locations that ensure the most profit.

Depending on where you live, there is a wide range of options where you can begin your vending machine business.  Let’s find out what your best and most profitable locations could be.

1. Apartment Complexes

An important step to consider when breaking into vending machines is their relative location to you. Whether you’re restocking weekly or monthly, you can save gas by living near your vending machine.

So where better to start than your own apartment building?

Whether you’re posting up in a common lounge, the laundry room, or your landlord’s office, the convenience of having snacks downstairs will drive residents to buy from your machine rather than driving to the grocery store.

2. Gyms

If you’d rather stock your vending machines with protein shakes, sports drinks, and healthy snacks, your local gym might be a great option. While some gyms can have sponsored vending machines, there are a ton out there that don’t offer the service to their members.

There are even “franchising” companies that offer training and deep support for those wanting to vend wellness products. Read more about Healthy YOU here.

3. Universities

Universities are somewhat of a dark horse when it comes to the vending machine business. One of the best locations to put a vending machine, colleges are full of students who are looking to recharge on the go and vending machines are perfect for that.

While basic snack and soda machines are undoubtedly popular, college campuses are also great for specialized vending machines for products like school supplies, make-up, and more!

4. Laundromats

The laundromat is probably the most obvious choice for vending machines, and for good reason. Customers are going to the laundromat with plenty of change and plenty of time while their clothes get washed. Why not grab a soda while you read your book?

While a laundromat is one of the best vending machine locations, it might be hard to find a willing company. Those who understand a laundry machine business will know that it’s nearly identical to vending machines and they might have machines of their own already in use.

5. Offices and Business Complexes

Most adults who have worked a 9-5 can appreciate the convenience of a vending machine in the break-room. Whether workers forgot their lunch, didn’t have time to make it, or just want to add an ice-cold soda, vending machines have the potential to make a killing in an office complex day in and day out.

Find the Best Vending Machine Locations Near You

At the end of the day, you know your town and its businesses better than we ever could. Use that familiarity and these helpful tips to narrow down the best vending machine locations and hit the ground running!

Check out the rest of our blog for more great information and tips for your new business!

The Top 5 Best Vending Machine Locations

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